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RE: Raising Human Livestock

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Let's agree to disagree. Smack in the head once a while ain't gonna hurt no one. I personally hate people who beat the crap out of their kids, but if the kid does a stupid thing then your going to get slapped behind the head. And then we will have a conversation.

Personally the samples you chose were on the extreme side. I know it's a fallacy by examining by own personal experience, but I turned out questioning authority since I was 7. It primarily came by listening to my parents and hearing how the indigenous life was compared to the city.


The US soldier, or French soldier, or cop in the most peaceful place you can think of... they all follow orders they know to be immoral - evil.

I personally condone beating the crap out of a defenseless child

Mind trying that one again?

Lmao I thought condone meant reject.

I suppose the intent of his post got lost in translation. French is my main language. "Condone" in English looks like "Condamner" in French as far as spelling goes, but it got opposite meaning.

Good content from @larkenrose were not really making sense to me until I double checked the definition of "Condone" in a dictionary. I had assumed it was the direct translation of the verb "Condamner" in French. Then it made sense ( =

"...Smack in the head once a while ain't gonna hurt no one...."
So what is the purpose of the "smack in the head?"..................... Why do it?

you are truly evil and immoral. how dare your spout you unscientific feelings. I am sure your children will turn out ok just like you who think assaulting children that are 1/10 your size is ok. I hope your children defoo.