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Worldwide, The Signs Are Everywhere

Do not ignore the truth signs!

Title: Five Man Electrical Band - Signs
Video posted by Sandman368

Current Events

Listen to this:

"A very emotional female police officer from Puerto Rico’s police department in Guaynabo calls in to a U.S. spanish speaking radio station to tell listeners what is going on in Puerto Rico. The police woman is very upset, crying and sobbing often, and shares how the Mayor of San Juan is politicizing the situation and not offering help.
The call and video was recorded September 28th, and highlights the corruption within government within Puerto Rico and the Municipal authority of San Juan. The video is English closed captioned (hit “CC” option) and a transcript is below:"

Screenshot from 2017-10-02 13:30:02.png

The most disturbing first hand reports are about the practice of armed officials turning away trucks delivering supplies in favor of contractors and military – it is evident that this policy prevents individuals and spontaneous self organization from aiding recovery.
People Helping People may become illegal as the State demands tighter controls… @ronmamita


Recovering From The Hurricane

Wishing everyone a speedy recovery and condolences for the lost lives.

My home suffered structural damage from the storm, the electrical grid was unavailable for over a week, the DSL internet service was disrupted for over three weeks.
My family and I are safe.

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