Like Sheep to the Wolves

wolves meme.jpg
While doing some research for a video I'm working on I was looking for a few images of sheep. I came across this article from 2014 detailing a pack of wolves killing 500 sheep after forcing them off a cliff. Maybe my mind works differently than most but I the first thing I could think of was all the sheople in America cheering on their own demise by praising their wolf shepherd's(politicians for statists needing clarification) for stealing the wealth of the people and giving to our corporate masters. So naturally I had to attempt making a meme about it.
All of the people praising the "work" of their masters in stimulating this doomed economy. Do your own research and see for yourself, but just an example of the treachery these public servants is the airline subsidies. There is a lot of grant money available and if the airlines take that money the government will then have a stake in that airline. For those of you who aren't aware this is straight socialism, as opposed to the masked socialism we are currently slaves too. Links to the airline source as well as the article about wolves chasing sheep off a cliff in France are listed below.

2014 tory about wolves killing sheep
Yahoo article about airline's getting bailed out

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