God and Constitutional Authority

in #government4 years ago

I'm gonna open myself up to charges of being an incompetent amateur logician; go ahead and poke holes, because I want to know where they are:

Romans 13 says all authority comes from God, right? So...

The U.S. Constitution is authority - law - over the federal government...right? So...

When elected officials and employees violate Constitutional law, they are in rebellion against God...right? So...

Any Christian who votes for candidates for any office who explicitly vows to violate Constitutional law or for those running for re-election who've committed violations of Constitutional law condone such violations, and by doing so are rebelling against God...right?


Wrong, we are all gods, genesis i make you in my own image ;)
We allow ourselves to be demoted from gods, to subjects if we are dumb enough to accept legislation as law ;)

Thanks for offering a different perspective. Screenshot_20180410-074257.jpg

Thank you for accepting it. :D

I always encourage discussion.

And there is no other god besides me, a righteous God and a Savior; there is none besides me.

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