The Leftist Response to Tonight’s SOTU: Boycott!

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Read some of these comments here regarding President Trump’s First State of The Union

I LOVE that everyone is ‘boycotting’ and refusing to watch.

It’s a new spin on the typical Virtue Signaling from those whose only involvement in politics is to loudly proclaim they don’t like the guy in charge like petulant 3rd graders.

To be fair, I didn’t vote for the guy either, but grow up.

I get it. The Media has sold you this false bill of goods that tells you to be hysterical about everything Trump (down to the number of scoops of ice cream he eats).

Acting in this manner is why you lost and why you’ll lose again in 2020. Engage with maturity.

Enjoy thieve comments by people who have the same voting power as you...

For the first time I will not watch the State of the Union address. I have no interest in watching this wannabe dictator spouting his lies and attacks on the press, F.B.I., immigrants and others. And I have no desire to listen to his GOP members of Congress cheering him on and on. Unfortunately, the world will also be watching this disgraceful person spewing his hatred and ignorance

I have watched many State of the Union addresses presided over by past Presidents of every stripe. Tonight I’ll be sitting this one out. I refuse to subject myself to the inevitable glad handing and ego stroking that attempts to legitimize this President. Any attempt at reaching across the aisle will ring hollow in my ears. The damage is already done and nothing he says or does will change that. If he does manage to strike a conciliatory tone tonight it will only be undermined later when he finds his next enemy to attack on Twitter.

I’d rather watch water boil than waste my time watching and listening to more lies and unkept promises from a man I have NO respect for.

I will boycott. The creep is a money laundering mobster - loyal only to Putin, Sater, Semion Mogilevich, and to his own greedy self. He was installed by Putin and organized crime including some GOP. Crimes are being committed daily by this creep and his criminal corrupt cronies and GOP enablers. He and the international organized crime mob are working to destroy USA and NATO and strip all of our wealth and resources - to enrich the dictators and oligarchs.

I will be boycotting the SOTU. He will be reading something written by someone else. He doesn’t read well. And I don’t believe anything that he says anyway. How can he take s stand on any issues when he doesn’t even seem to know what they are. His total disregard for what the majority of Americans want is truly abhorrent and appalling. I think I’ll watch The Handmaid’s Tale.

I want to watch, I care about this kind of thing. But I won't watch him pretend to be president.

Like my fellow Americans, I will not watch this State of The Union. It should be renamed the Oligarch of the Union Address.

A criminal and traitor should not be giving the State of the Union. Lock him up.


I like that you called them petulant. It's the best descriptive word for it...

"Engage with maturity". I might have to bookmark that one in my mind :)

Snark is easy. Understanding others viewpoints is hard.

Anything less than ‘engaging with maturity’ is admitting you’re engaging in some form of trolling, however slight.

Gave you an upvote because I love to laugh and this post gave me a really big belly laugh. Did not boycott the President's speech, just did not know that he was giving one. Pretty much knew what type of things he would say. I pretty much channel the President when I have too much to drink at my American Legion Post Canteen!

Must laugh at all the rhetoric before this guy gets us all into a world war with nukes and everything. No sense in worrying. It is what it is. I am watching the sky. Not watching for chem trails, but incoming missiles, so that I may make peace with my Creator before we are all gone.

Have a great week and thanks for sharing this timely information. I may actually look for the speech and watch it if there is nothing interesting on Comedy Central.

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Great news! The more people who don't watch politicians lying to them the better. Too bad it's only because Trump is president.

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