Ten Reasons We Can’t, and Shouldn’t, Be Nordic

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The following two paragraphs articulate my beliefs so
well.This article is also spot on with non biased sources and facts.

"Government doesn’t louse up everything, but it sure louses up a lot of what it promises to deliver: from the Big Dig to Healthcare.gov; from letting veterans die waiting for health care to failing to prioritize the levees around New Orleans and funding other projects instead; from 9/11 to the failure to see the housing bubble that precipitated the Great Recession; from misconduct in the Secret Service to the IRS targeting conservative groups; from lavish conferences at the General Services Administration to the Solyndra grants; from the runaway costs of California’s high-speed-rail project to Operation Fast and Furious; from the OPM breach to giving Hezbollah a pass on trafficking cocaine."

"The federal government has an abysmal record of abusing the public’s trust, finances, and its own authority. Now some people want it to take on a bigger role? If you want to enact a massive overhaul of America’s economy and government to redistribute wealth, you first have to demonstrate that you can accomplish something smaller, like ensuring every veteran gets adequate care. Until then, if you want to live like a Norwegian, buy a plane ticket."

Full Article Here


YES! I was ranting to my neighbor about this yesterday. If folks admire other countries so dang much, they should quit trying to impose their favorite other country on the rest of us, and instead GO LIVE THERE THEMSELVES. Sheesh!!

I gave up the little bit of hope I had in politics and government many years ago.there all stupid assholes!☺️

The problem is that when the government has a very small role, other vested powers have free reign.

It's a matter of balancing two evils against each other properly. The government won't be efficient, but neither will be natural monopolies. And, given the present trend toward a few financial corporations owning all production, literally everything is part of a natural monopoly.

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