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Around 1.44 billion of budget was allocated for purchasing vehicles to the required government bodies for the fiscal year 2018/19. But the report came that they have been spending around 6 billion for purchasing luxurious vehicles by transferring budget allocated for other secotrs. This has promoted strong competition among all the political leaders who will buy luxurious car by illegally using citizens tax. In other words, they all are thief. That's why I never exercised my vote to right. Infact never made a voter card because I know all are donkey to me. I am a person who prefer Monarchism in Nepal. It's been only 14 years those donkeys had been ruling the country by overthrowing former King Birendra by various false accusations like killing one's brother, taking supreme power of parliament house in his own hands.

Whenever I go to every government offices like Tax Department, Education Minstry, Ministry of Foreign Affairs(For passport), I see many nice cars in deteriorated state (like as you can see in above picture). The license plate of government vehicles is red text written within white plate. Recently I heard the news that Nepal got Finance minister who had done Phd but you know what he is the most corrupted and useless minister I have seen. Asking all to pay tax to fill their stomach while country was in lockdown and all offices were closed and cases increasing day by day.

These unnecessary expenditure on vehicle purchasing must come to an end and should be put aside to various development activities like building bridge in remote villages, drinking water project, extending road network. The old vehicles should be repaired and used instead of new one.

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