What You REALLY NEED to Understand About Governments - A.S.A.P.

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“And, indeed, what is the State anyway but organized banditry? What is taxation but theft on a gigantic, unchecked, scale? What is war but mass murder on a scale impossible by private police forces? What is conscription but mass enslavement? Can anyone envision a private police force getting away with a tiny fraction of what States get away with, and do habitually, year after year, century after century?”

― Murray N. Rothbard

Enjoy the new video!

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Nice reference to Logan Paul at the end. It's kind of refreshing to see someone NOT trying to cash in on Logan's latest stupid antics by milking the "outrage porn" surrounding his channel right now.

This video did a nice job breaking down anarchism to the uninitiated in a way that bypasses the filters of people indoctrinated to think it's simply an ultra-violent wild west. Well done!

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Fearmongering against anarchy. Christians can't deny that Abraham lived under anarchy. Anarchy is fine if established legally.


I think it's helpful to take the perspective that anarchy doesn't need to be "established," rather anarchy is the default setting sans rulers... a situation in which all coercive "establishments" are nullified. Another way of saying it, that coercive authority ought to be un-established... "legally" or otherwise.

Abraham's "rule" (or lack of) is as debatable as the texts which record his existence... probably not something that can be discussed among groups outside of judeo-christian tradition with any relevance.

I just recently came across you (3-4 months ago) i want to say. Love your videos and how you speak of empowering us to be more and to hold others accountable, a state I used to live in Louisville, KY has a great state motto that applies to the message you have been saying United we stand Divided we fall. I want to see us stand united and to be able to be without big brother watching our every move love you brother and will continue to watch your videos looking forward to hearing more truth

Feel ya on that shallow content crap. So many videos with nothing worth watching are blown to the moon in popularity because of their probable contract with MK-Ultra to produce dumb-down content.

Everything you say, I wish to come true. I tell my pals all the time, we can live in society and operate completely fine without this oppressive gobberment.

Keep fightin!



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I threw its tag in to have it upvote your post. Gives my upvote some more weight, in thought. Obviously your work is original, its great!

this is an awesome video, i think i'm going to watch all your old ones,
i live in a third wold country, and i can see government oppression, they own everything, and i have thought about that for so long, but even the USA is suffering from the same thing to an extend, however the people here know that they are oppressed but not in the USA, sometime i get shocked when i hear people say USA is the best country in the world, to me it's like those people are seeking no change in their life, why would they seek change if it's the best way of life they could have

Taxes are robbery !! And much of what is considered "normal" works only because we believe in the legitimacy of a state. It is rarely about understanding a sense behind it but about accepting found structures into which we were born. And the only way to counteract this is to deprive this structure of its energy. In every form.
Great contribution, greeting Montaquila


well said, i hope we live to see this all changing


Great breakdown. Why is it that the state can perpetuate violence and call it "laws" while if I were to do the same then I would be deemed a criminal and a danger to society as a whole?... Sounds pretty hypocritical and screwed up, right? Love the video!


because the people are afraid of each other, they let the state control the society
i think one day this is going to end, all we should do is support and spread such ideas

I love your videos! Not a lot of people out there who confront truth like you do! Thanks for everything you do, you're helping humanity more than you think!


Yup! Peace bro, there are more awake people than you might think. Talk to people in the streets though, you know?

I love this topic...please expand on it.

Thank you for your honesty, truth is they continue to hire more of these goons everyday..

Peace will only become a reality when no man rules over another .

There is only one thing to understand.
Governments are controlled by illuminati and they lie about everything and brainwash you in anyway so they can get you to trust them.
Dont trust them.

"And, indeed, what is the State anyway but organized banditry" - A True Story - I repeat this phrase every day :) If you haven't watched them yet I would also suggest watching ZEITGEIST documentary series.

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So insightful and enlightening! Never give a thought about it before. Thanks for sharing!

At this point I don’t care what they call it as long as I get my freedom and the government is our BITCH and not the other way around .

Actually, the government does not do so much by increasing surveillance.

I think yes feel on that shallow substance poop. Such huge numbers of recordings with nothing worth watching are blown to the moon in prevalence due to their likely contract with MK-Ultra to create stupefy content.
All that you say, I wish to work out. I tell my buddies constantly, we can live in the public arena.and I think I really need more to understand About governments of A.S.A.P.
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