Antartica, Dr. Harry Wexler and Geoengineering.. what's the connection?

in government •  last year

Hey, for all of you wondering what is going on with our climate and all the global warming and pollution... here is a very interesting video I came across. It's about 12min but very interesting.


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Truthstream Media always put out quality work and videos.

There are many aspects about the Antartica official story I don't believe. And this video covers some of those points. Some others are why has no one ever flown over it, why can you only visit set spots on it and why was the international treaty even necessary?? What are they hiding? I beLIEve they're hiding the biggest lie in human history. A lie so massive its reach and scale that to even utter it prompts derision and sometimes threats from even the truther community, so strong is the indoctrination. Once the full truth about Antartica is revealed humanity will go through a shift unlike most it has before.

But again they made a great video on the topic.

thanks for the video.