Taking government seriously. Seriously?

in government •  2 years ago

Really, people. How can you take government seriously?

You have the clowns campaigning for president. An unhealthy old harpy, and an orange blowhard. Both statist to the rotten core.

Then, just look at your state and local politivermin. They are no better, and if you believe they are, it's a sign you are delusional.

Some around here are having an adolescent cat fight. I've seen two year-olds act more mature. Yet, somehow, people look to these morons for guidance, and believe their opinions have weight.

I absolutely don't get it.

Yes, I realize they are making up "laws" that their hired guns are perfectly willing to murder you over, and they steal your money and violate your property rights in myriad other ways, too. This means they are a mortal threat to your life, liberty, and property. So are other bad guys- they aren't special.

They fear you being armed, and so they do all they can to make sure you give up your weapons. The only reason anyone wants you unarmed is so they can do things to you (or your loved ones) which you wouldn't ever allow if you were able to resist. And you CAN resist if you have effective weaponry. Even if it only costs one bully his life before you are killed by his gang, it still cost that one. One less bully in the world, and probably at least one person will decide to pursue honest work rather than join the gang.

But you can also resist in other ways. As long as a government employee isn't looking directly at what you are doing right this minute, why comply? Nibble away at their power, and laugh away the respect your silly family, friends, and neighbors give them. They don't deserve it. They haven't earned it. Quite the opposite. They are ridiculous.

Treat them like the absurd fools they are. It's what they richly deserve, and have worked to earn.

And never forget: Government is nothing more or less than a club for drama queens who like to try to run other people's lives while spending stolen money.

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Laugh at the aggressors! You'd probably enjoy Derrick J's Victimless Crime Spree if you haven't seen it.

This election seems like entertainment...Not that it is any worse than some of the previous elections. The government is out of control and no one cares. People want more government control and regulations. We really need to just get the government out of the way and let the market work. Politicians, don't know how to save the planet. All they learned in school was how to read the laws you don't understand. They don't know how to send a spaceship, build a computer, create a website. Government needs the public to build them technologies they can control. The quicker we get rid of them the better. They hold innovation back with their red tape.