Report: Government Needs To Address Corruption With ISIS Situation

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According to a recent report titled The Big Spin, from an anti-corruption NGO Transparency International, the international community will be unable to deal with the existing threat of terrorist groups around the world, until they honestly address the corruption that is enabling those groups to thrive.

The report claims that there is a failure in current criminal justice efforts, to acknowledge and focus on the root cause of extremism. By ignoring the root cause, it undermines the efforts overall that seek to put an end to violent terror groups and their objectives.

Make Tackling Corruption A Top Priority

Terror groups overseas are playing upon the widely held narrative that governments are corrupt and they cannot be trusted, and those groups are exploiting that in an effort to try and rally support and recruit. If governments are serious about tackling terror at the root, then they must not neglect addressing the existing issue of corruption. The NGO also suggested that they start providing better services for their citizens.

Corruption, the report acknowledges, is a real security threat and it isn't just a way for a small group of elites/independent contractors to line their pockets. The corruption really does contribute to angering the public and undermining any institutional efforts to establish some semblance of security whether at home or abroad.

A recent poll that was conducted by one of the world's largest consulting companies (Deloitte), found that today more than anything else, millions of people are scared of war, terrorism, and political tension.

After over a decade of trying to battle terror, and spending trillions on this endeavor, people are more afraid than ever about terrorism. Does it seem like the last decade has made the situation better or worse then? There are many legal, civil liberties, policing, and security experts, who will tell you that for certain it has made things much worse for the entire world; not only the U.S.

How does one even begin to address a bastion of corruption?

Not only do their efforts fuel anger and tension overseas, furthering the self-perpetuating war on terror cycle of violence, but without addressing the concerns at home then they are undermining the work that they have put in thus far and continue to do.

In all honesty, there is no way to ever end terrorism and Washington officials have even admitted this and actually insisted that the war on terror is a permanent one. They should stop wasting the lives and money that they keep insisting on wastefully pouring into this endless chase.


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The entire purpose of the bogus "war on terror" is to terrorize the population by brainwashing them to be fearful and more dependent upon big government. The really effective way to end terrorism would be to end human government. 😄😇😄