Numerous Polls Show Public Continually Losing Trust In Media And Government

In general, a great number of people are continually losing their trust in the media to report on news stories in an accurate and fair manner.

Add that to a continued distrust in the government, American leaders, and American people, according to various Gallup polls. People are continually finding that they cannot rely on mainstream institutions to give them honest information, and they are increasingly going elsewhere to look for alternative sources of information.

It's suggested, by the most recent Gallup poll, that only about 32 percent think that the mass media reports the news in a full and accurate manner. This is about an 8 percent decrease from the previous year.

Many Americans are now awake to the fact that there is a seemingly heavy bias that is present in the reporting with the mainstream media institutions that they are familiar with. And people are tired of various news organizations trying to spoon-feed a certain narrative to the public, it's pushed a lot of people to go looking elsewhere for the truth.

Distrust in the media has taken a steady decline over the past couple of decades. And the trust in the government isn't much better. Other recent polls have found that a number of the nation's young children are pessimistic about where the country is headed.

It's also suggested that younger individuals are going to seek out alternative sources of information in order to clarify the facts that they are told in some mainstream media news coverage. And most of them are finding their news online these days, thanks to their convenient news feeds on a variety of social media sites.

Perhaps if those institutions would have operated in an honorable way, then people would have a much more positive regard for them than they do at the present time. But instead, those institutions have been used to deceive and manipulate the people, so it is no wonder that trust has continually declined over the years.

It used to be that we only had a small number of options when it came to where we got our information from, and the information that we were told was highly controlled. Thanks to advances in technology, there's been an intellectual revolution like never before. And now people can search out alternative information about a variety of issues.

There have been a number of wrongdoings that have been perpetrated against not only the American people, but innocent people around the world, and those wrongdoings were perpetuated in secrecy. To make matters worse, officials had lied under oath about those activities and it wasn't until later that the lies were confirmed. Given their track record, the public would be foolish not to question the narrative that's fed to them by the media or the government.




Big awakening time :-) Good so no matter what happens. Even if there will come a chaos it is much more better then what the pizzagate folks had in mind ;-)

Bloggers and let the people decide on who to follow. The Fililipinos'eyes are now open to the manipulation of the media, preferring bloggers' sites who reports what's happening. People can compare realities with what they're reading.

Was honest journalism ever alive to begin with?

Bloggers are now allowed in the Philippines' presidential press conferences etc.
President Duterte approved a request made by a blogger this 2017.

If this is all you know of President Duterte, then sadly, what is being portrayed of him is the only thing that the world knows..a manipulation to discredit him, to assassinate his character, for the opposition to be successful in ousting him. It's not necessarily the truth if I may say so.

If his war on drugs are putting prominent govt officials in jail for protecting druglords, then I'll say he is winning.

If he's winning in having our streets safer for the common people, less crimes and corruption in the country, then we are behind him.

As for drugs..we are behind him in this war.
There are 1.8 million amphatamine users in the country, with few hundreds police...
With the druglords in cahoots with the opposition party, it's a lot of money to loose with him in power. They also have the money to manipulate the world, that leaves the common 91% Filipinos behind him.


Apologies if this is not appropriate for this post.

I kind of got the same looks, like the War on cash in india. Strong Governments tend to be totalitarian and that is the only way they can become strong. :| whatever the reasons are treating people like dogs won't solve them. I'm sure those people would e much happier doing something productive, rather than being persecuted and jailed, then persecuted while jailed. I have no idea on the Philippines so I won't comment further didn't watch the whole vid either. Leaving it up for later :)

I get my news from The Corbett Report, Newsbud and the trusted journalists they follow. MSN is a waste of time unless I am looking for comedy. Thank you for another great post!

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I have an interesting thought. If you must trust one of them, which one will you choose? I don't think I can decide easily.

Let us also keep in mind that "the media" has changed... to where it now requires independent research to source everything. Did an article actually come from a reliable news source, or is it "Bob's Opinion," published in Bob's basement with clickbait headlines because that's how Bob (who doesn't give two bits about the actual news) has decided to make a living?

Of course, Bob is party to creating a mistrust-bias.

On one level, all these independent "citizen reporters" can be a good thing, but let's not forget there are also many "Bob's" whose only dedication is to make money for tacos.

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