Georgia Guidestones: More Proof Government's Alleged Duty To Protect Is Arbitrary At Best

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The Georgia Guidestones are a modern-day megalith erected in 1980 in Elbert County, Georgia, by a mysterious benefactor whose identity to this day has never been revealed.  The giant stone tablets contain a series of commandments that, among other things, call for maintaining a global population under 500,000,000.

It doesn't take a Doctorate in Mathematics to conclude that this number represents a more than 90% reduction in the world's current population. 

Given the US Government's war on terror and purported stance against weapons of mass destruction, one would think this ought to warrant looking into. It is therefore curious that they have never issued a public statement or news of an official investigation into who is behind this veiled global death threat.

Leaving aside talk of the New World Order and of conspiracy theory for the moment, let's explore instead the notion that the Guidestone's very existence represents something of an obvious double standard.

On the surface it may appear that the men and women operating as the United States Government exercise a painstaking amount of diligence in responding to every perceivable threat of terrorism, regardless of the magnitude, at times even to a fault. 

Recall that as of 2014, Justin Carter of Texas had been languishing in prison for nearly two whole years, awaiting trial on a 'felony terrorism' charge, for carelessly blurting some very off-color comments to a friend on Facebook in early 2012 about shooting up a kindergarten and “eating the hearts of one of them”.    

While Carter may have spoken on social media in a reckless and inappropriate manner, it's clear that his only so-called “crime” was making a very bad joke and haphazardly broadcasting it to the world.

It is certainly perturbing to imagine the real possibility of some unstable individual perpetrating the murder of a school full of children, and it may indeed be prudent to pay heed to such verbal threats whenever and wherever made.  But if the argument is such that prudence requires from the State an equally heavy hand in each and every instance of a threat of terrorism, no matter how small or how great, whether real or feigned, then what are we to make of the fact that the Georgia Guidestones have been left to stand without question for several decades now?  

Some may wish to say that no threat is implied by the Guidestones or that the inscriptions are not to be taken seriously, or that it is merely a matter of free speech.  However, the same could have easily been said for Justin Carter's Facebook post.  Yet this did not stop the feds from finding him and hauling his ass off to jail on the basis of what his words appeared to imply. 

So why the double standard?  

How can it be that the state considered someone like Carter, a wet behind the ears High-Schooler who mouthed off on social media at the wrong time, a threat worthy of indefinite detention, while at the same time turning a blind eye to the possible existence of a seriously well-funded megalomaniac with an insane manifesto to wipe out the earths population the likes of a 007 movie, and who may still be out there.

The past thirteen years has seen Billions of dollars in equipment and manpower deployed to Iraq, untold lives sacrificed, and a man hung for not having 'weapons of mass destruction', and here we are to believe the possibility exists of a person or group of people residing within America's own borders having carved into stone an explicit  agenda toward global depopulation, and not so much as a federal finger has ever been lifted over it? 

That this colossal monument to mass genocide is still standing seems to indicate that the “official” response to threats of 'terror' is arbitrary at best, and seriously maligned at worst.  

^According to a leaked internal Whitehouse memo^

A duty of protection is supposedly the very basis for so called civil society, but if the state isn't interested in looking up the origin of a monument that calls for the destruction of 90% of the world's inhabitants, at the very least this constitutes more evidence that any alleged duty to protect is not to be taken seriously. 

It seems to follow, not merely from conspiracy theory, but from the actual failure of the state to so much as express a passing interest in who is behind the Georgia Guidestones and whether they express a real threat, that the purpose for which States and governments were supposedly established in the first place, isn't much more than a ball of yarn. 

Note: This article was originally written in early 2015 for my blog but never published. If you enjoy it, please let me know in the comments.


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Old post or not. those stones needs to go down :D How come that at least the pissed (drunk) guy in the "village" haven't redocorated them, in a proper way :D?

Haha! You know, I think exactly the same thing! I was actually considering adding as an addendum to the post, that any sane, healthy society of people in their right minds would see to it to tear down such a monument to evil. Apparently many people would go to deface them (as shown in the photo to the right), but now I believe the stones are guarded by state employees no less.