What I’m learning in history v. 2

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My dad decided that it would be good for me to write a blog about what I’m learning in history as of last week. The main thing that I’m learning is the reason behind England and other countries making colonies in the Americas and the effect of them all coming to America. Also the benefits of having colonies in the Americas.


The first thing that I’m going to talk about is the reason why England and lots of other countries wanted colonies in the new Americas. The main reason was to collect resources and to share their religion. When the colonies started to produce goods that England wanted, the colonies wanted something in return for shipping away all of the things that they made. Some of the things that the colonies wanted were clothes, shoes, resources, non perishable foods and spices. England also wanted to spread christianity to the native Americans. The main land of England also wanted to find a lot of gold and silver to build up their bullion.

The second thing that I’m going to talk about is The effect on the native Americans when Europeans came to their land. The good things that came from meeting them was that we could trade with them and the colonists could spread their ideas and could learn new ways to live their day to day life. The bad things that came from the interactions was the disease. Some stories say that colonists would ind a large village of native Americans and interact with them. Giving their diseases to the locals. When the returned nearly a year later with good to trade with, the villages were completely deserted and sometimes had stacks of dead bodies that the live people couldn’t bury.

The third thing that I’m going to talk about is how the natives felt threatened by the English and how they felt that the English were going to attack them to take their land. The natives liked the Spanish more because they made less colonies and smaller ones. This means that they interacted more with the Spanish and traded with them more as well. The Spanish also liked this because they could trade a lot more with the natives and this sadly lead to the Spanish enslaving some of the natives. The Spanish also wanted to spread their version of religion to the Natives.


The fourth thing that I’m going to talk about is the good things of having a colony in the Americas. One good thing is having New people to trade with. In England at the time of colonization, people were mostly eating plain food. With the expansion of trade with the native Americans helped bring new flavors and ideas into England. Another good thing is having a lot of resources. The colonies made a lot of lumber and made a lot of household appliances with that lumber. Also, they sent back a lot of raw materials that they either made or mined.

Thanks for reading, and make sure to read my other blogs!


Great info. Keep it coming!!!

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