Some weapon attachments that Special Forces use

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I feel that it is common knowledge that when you think of a special forces operators weapon, you think of a weapon that has a lot of different attachments. Well, this may not always be the case. Different operator use different attachments. I'm here to expand your knowledge about some of the tools that they use. I will also talk about how some things that the public believes aren't true.

The first is a flashlight. While you may think that it is common for all operators to have a flashlight on their weapons, his is not the case for the majority today. Back in the vietnam war, soldiers were offered to have flashlights on their rifle. Most however, refused the offer. If your in any kind of setting where you don't want the enemy to know that you are there or to know where you are at least, then a flashlight is useless. It will give away your location to the enemy and you will then be in a fight you don't want to be in. In more modern times, soldiers will use night vision if they for some reason need to see in/ through the dark.

The second thing that I'm going to talk about is lasers. Now there are two kinds of lasers. The first kind, is visible to the naked eye. The second kind is inferred. The first kind is not used by any soldiers. The only exception is that if you are training or doing a drill. If you are raiding a building, and you use a visible laser, then your enemy can see it as well. This means that you lose the element of surprise. The second kind is used by soldiers who are wearing night vision. It is a good way to know about where your bullet may approximately go. Also, it lets you know where your teammates are aiming.

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The third and final thing is a grenade launcher. The benefit if of having this is that you can launch a grenade further that you can throw one. The down side of this is that it makes your weapon a lot heavier and can be bulky. Also, this means that you have to carry around with you a lot of 40 mil. grenades. This means that if you run out of the launchable grenades, then it becomes dead weight. Also, the barrel of the launcher is very easy to get dust or debris in it and clog it. The worst of it all is that if you fall while the launcher is loaded, the round can explode inside the barrel or even be shot. Another thing that can happen is that you can break the launcher very easily and even a small dent will make it useless.

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Thanks. This is real informative.