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As I have a growing interest in Army Special Forces, and have done countless hours of research on the topic, it has come to my attention that some people don’t know one group from another. Many people have many different opinions, and most are factually wrong. In this blog I will be counting Marine Special Forces as part of the Navy. I will not be talking about dates of origins.

Starting off with the best branch of the military, the Army. Army Special Forces or SF for short are called Green Berets (Based out of Fort Bragg). The main job of the operator is to be inserted into a country as soon as the war starts. They will hopefully make friends with the locals who will give them information about the land or where the nearest enemy base is. If there are not people willing to talk, then the operators will wait for further orders. Some orders may include; destroy train tracks, preform recon missions, and to execute high ranking targets. Ironically, their berets are actually red.

The next group I’m going to talk about is Delta Force. Delta is a detachment from the 1st Special Forces Group. The number of Delta operators is highly classified, but thought to be in the hundreds. Delta was made for specialist missions and for anti terrorism. Only a few of their missions have been declassified. One of the most well known stories is Black Hawk Down. The name of the operation the the tragedy was Operation Gothic Serpent. Delta’s existence was kept a secret all the way up until 9/11. The outcome of any mission that Delta preforms, is not recognized by the U.S. Government. The anti terrorism light of Delta isn’t shining very bright, mostly because the missions that are declassified are mostly hostage rescue or recon. One mission was to assassinate a high ranking leader in the taliban and did not work out very well. Delta Force was also assigned by the president at the time to raid the compound that Osama Bin Laden was hiding in. A week before the raid was going to take place, Delta had to go somewhere else to do something that is still to this day classified.
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The process to become a Delta Force operator is very lengthy and can take upwards of two years to complete. First, you must become a master parachuter, second, you must pass air assault school, third, you must pass a mental evaluation test, fourth, you must pass the Special Forces Qualifications Course, (you become a Green Beret) fifth, you must be deployed at least twice, Sixth, you must pass another mental evaluation test, seventh, you must pass an extremely long and diverse background check, eighth, you must pass another qualifications course, then, and ONLY then, will you be considered a Delta force operator.

This blog is just the tip of the iceberg of the US Army Special Forces and the one and only group called Delta Force.


Seems like a tremendous path, requiring great commitment, to become one of the best-of-the-best.

great info and a very honorable way to go.

this seems like it requires great amount of dedication, patience and hardwork.