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I understand your worry and admit I had not realised how excessive the spending has become. However, I am more worried about globalism, Islam and so on.

How do you compare those problems to this one? Would we be better off, the USA and the entire planet, under the rule of the cabal?


Islam MAY be the death of America.
Globalism MAY be the death of America.
Overspending WILL DEFINITELY be the death of America.

History tells us this is so.

Do you know how much the USA owes to the Federal Reserve? That agreement about paying 1% on all dollars they print, surely that makes up a goodly percentage of the debt? I would love to see all that, plus all the interest on interest, cancelled.

We won't know how much without an audit of the Federal Reserve.

We're borrowing almost $2 million a MINUTE at this time. Even 1% can get crippling at that rate.

If the dollar was backed by gold and the USA gov did not have the gold and had to borrow the 'use' of the gold from elsewhere, I could maybe understand paying the 1%. However, all the Fed Reserve is doing is printing the paper without any kind of backing. How could any gov agree that their currency no longer belongs to them and they'll borrow what they need of it?

The irony of the government shutting down tonight because they 'ran out of money' when we print it out of thin air.