SteemitHive, a Shitshow of the Highest Degree

in #governance2 years ago (edited)

At the risk of being the first post downvoted by both sides, but because it matters and many share similar feelings. In this post a slight rewrite of a comment I earlier left on dtube’s post.


I will not rewrite the history of what happened in this post, we’ve all read multiple versions of it and by now most have their own preferred version of it as well. Writing an as objective as possible recap, from an outsider on the fence, would merely be a waste of energy and time. As such here’s the promised comment, with minor tweaks for readability:

The real problem

The problem is that things like this (image) and this are still live.


Actually, no... the real problem is that this endless escalation and petty fight continues. Many users do not want to make a choice but the reality is that we only see tribal bullshit everywhere.

It’s simple:

  • the initial announcement was wrong nobody likes to be threatened with losing their home
  • 22.2 was wrong: it is what banks and govs do
  • 22.5 was wrong: it is how you become a government
  • the preparation of the fork was wrong: it started long time ago and thus made finding a win-win impossible
  • the “airdrop” censorship was wrong: it is censorship because a vote is free speech and should be allowed without fear for retribution; also there was no airdrop, the fork renamed the token - I was never airdropped HIVE, there’s no tx about that
  • the censorship (and flagging) on steemit is wrong: it’s petulance of the highest n00b level
  • Oh, and the way proxy.token initially returned to voting with a kingpin powerplay was pathetic
  • And the whole way the community has been played to buy time vote for the community was a hypocrite play of the highest level by some

As a user, ever since Feb 14 I’ve felt my only options were:

  1. Can’t win
  2. Lose

Meanwhile, the tribalism ever worsens. Nobody gives a flying eff about the actual users. Users who definitely not expected to join a platform which would freeze funds like banks and PayPal do nor would ever have imagine an organized effective takeover. Core principles of what blockchain may mean to some were torched by both sides. Not to mention the various methods of censorship.

As a user... I’m disgusted.

I’m disgusted being collateral damage. Here’s hoping the feuds will soon end and both platforms will look only at themselves and improve their options and offerings. Otherwise you only chase us who are here because we believe in blockchain away, simple as.

Nobody looks good in this. It was a shitshow of the highest degree.

Props and thanks to those who actually did try to find a compromise which worked for all, or at least for most.


Don't care about participating in any fights, only to build with the momentum that now exists on Hive, where there are more active devs and more diverse community talent working together to build things than there has ever been during the 3 years I¨ve been here. Go where there's energy, was the best advice I ever got.

The challenge will be to keep the energy sustained. There are only very few open source communities without benevolent dictator yet continued momentum.

New brooms sweep awesomely. Design by community is the most challenging decision method existing. Already now I know there’s disagreement about a major future decision (reward pool). That will be the type of hurdles which leads to stasis... or doesn’t.

And, tbh, we’ve need vote decay like never before in the new design by community governance structure. To maintain momentum.

Yes, I said “we”. I will move over, there’s nothing here I agree with. Continued actions push one away every day more. Also, apparently, I’m a farmer according to one of the SCT pillars. I won’t outstay my welcome, I will not force myself to stay. But my stay at the other side will have to be earned too because we start on a poor footing. Yet, if actual building happens and dapps/HST will start to happen at a regular pace... I can still imagine a Medium-first blog operated by me.

If there’s momentum... there may be something for me [to do].

I put it all down to being part of an opt-in community/s where everyone just looks out for themselves and occasionally that is good for others too :)

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