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Scripture Passage: Genesis 3:1-19

Meditation: Gen 3:17 “And unto Adam he said, Because thou hast hearkened unto the voice of thy wife, and hast eaten of the tree, of which I commanded thee, saying, Thou shalt not eat of it: cursed is the ground for thy sake; in sorrow shalt thou eat of it all the days of thy life;”

Nobody had a greater chance at living this Uncommon Life than Adam at the beginning, but he managed to make a failure of it. He had everything going for him: an intimacy with God unencumbered by sin, abundant provision of all things, a steady and fulfilling job and assignment, an extremely beautiful wife, etc. Yet Adam succeeded in failing to live the Uncommon Life.

How did that happen? Adam simply chose to do things his own way, and to abandon the commands of God which represented his ways. He sought to gain wisdom by means recommended by the adversary. His objective was right but his method was wrong.

What made Adam fail is still the root cause of all failure till today, especially among the children of God, and the only way to abort the circle of pain failure creates is to do the opposite of what Adam did. That is why we are on this quest this month. We want to buy into God’s way, think His thoughts so that our lives can begin to produce the uncommon results that God intends.

I used to have the presumptuous habit of trying to operate new equipment without reading the manual. My wife on the other hand, will not even bring the equipment out of the pack without first sitting down to digest the manual. I would laugh at her and ask her sometimes whether she is preparing for an examination. Over the years however, I have realized my folly and amended my ways.

An example of how I learnt her ways were better than mine was when once, God blessed us with a brand new car, and I was driving around excitedly for some days. Then I began to move on a certain day and the car was grinding and slow. A red light on the dash board will not just go away. I punched and un-punched every button in sight but the situation remained the same. Then out of frustration I called her, just to complain about my predicament. She asked, “have you checked the manual to see what that red light indicates?”

The truth was, it had not even occurred to me at that time that this brand new vehicle had a manual. I pulled off the road, brought the manual and sure enough, I saw what was the matter. I corrected it and the light disappeared from the dashboard and the wheels became free.

I could have saved myself almost 30 minutes of frustration by a read-the-manual approach from the start.

Many today are wondering why life won’t just work the way it should. They do not realize that the God who created all things has also given us a manual of how things ought to run. The Bible is this manual. If you would bend down, study it and put it to work for yourself, you will not only eliminate a lot of challenges before they show up, but you will find life running much more smoothly for you on all fronts.

Adam failed to accurately teach his wife the words that God had given him, so she became an instrument for his fall. Any part of your life that is not brought in subjection to God’s Word is the area Satan will always use against you. You can make sure this never happens again from now on.

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