Buy top quality Vanilla Kush/3 gram of cocaine discreetly via [email protected]

in gorilla •  19 days ago 

We are top quality supplier's of marijuana both for medical reasons and getting high at affordable prices.

We also sell pharmaceutical medicine like pain relief,antiety disorder, insomnia, depression and other medicines at affordable prices.

Delivery is very discreet ,fast and secure without customs involvement

Vanilla kush.jpgWe provide next day delivery to all our customers addresses within 24 hours.

Money is refundable if failure to make a safe delivery of any customer package.

Tracking number is available to track and know the status of your package.

To place an order contact us via email.. [email protected]

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LOL really? darknet marketplace style products on the open steem blockchain? Interesting

you need your own tribe

If this user requested a tribe to sell drugs darknet style, what would @aggroed do here? I am very curious

and could someone make a pgp tor based steem tribe for darknet that used onion links?