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GoRecruit is an AI system predicated on blockchain technology. AI evaluates candidates for different positions by analyzing data from publicly available sources and gregarious networks. This made a consummately incipient approach to evaluating candidates. The analysis of public data and convivial media accounts has availed us significantly reduce the time and cost of personnel decisions, thereby ameliorating the quality of candidate assessment.

What is GoRecruit special?

Avail companies deal with the following issues:

Arduous to assess the candidate.
Diffidence in the candidate's professional skills and work experience.
Insensate prejudice in the process of evaluating candidates.
Inequality in gender, religion, country ....
The cost of hiring staff is high.

How it works:

In just 3 steps, you can facilely make a hiring decision:
Step 1: Send invitation
Do you have some candidates?
Send them invitations via email, SMS or QR-code.
Step 2: View the ranking of the applicant
After the job applicant accepts the invitation, GoRecruit then amasses and analyzes data from convivial networks and clerks to show you a comprehensive applicant assessment.
Step 3: Compare the applicant and cull the best candidate
Use GoRecruit best to compare job applicants and only interview the best of them.

General information GRT code:

The GRT Notifier, or RecruitCoin, is a token of the GoRecruit project on the substructure of a perspicacious card. The token economy GoRecruit is predicated on the utilization of GRT as a payment medium.
The GRT code can be habituated to pay for all accommodations as well as transfers between GoRecruit users. This approach makes the token equipollently convenient and subsidiary for both experienced and non-familiar users with electronic mazuma.


GoRecruit today:

Expeditious-growing products, operating with consummate architecture and systems that accumulate data from convivial media and publicly available sources.
Expert rating algorithm with utilizer-cordial interface
One project has been prosperously tested in companies with more than 1,000 employees
Some accommodations have been utilized by 470 companies.


The world is transmuting very expeditious, and organizations can no longer ignore countless changes. Technology now plays a consequential role in the operations of the human resources department. Their mundane activity has been transmuted dramatically with the emergence of a growing number of online accommodations. Processes in the human resources system are now automated, for example, accounting and staff training, cumulative bonuses, bonuses and emolument, some companies even have maleficent programs. Conduct interviews and provide analysis upon completion. Major vicissitudes in HR are cognate to the utilization of artificial perspicacity in personnel processes.
At present, AI-predicated algorithms can cull CVs, find internal candidates and desirable profiles of high-performance employees, even decode video interviews and provide information on how to An applicant will work. In the next 5 years, artificial perspicacity will plenarily transmute the traditional industries such as personnel. In the future, a personnel decision may be made by AI in lieu of an HR staff. GoRecruit uses breakthrough artificial astuteness technology and is a pioneer in this field for digital-HR. We look forward to engendering a product that can supersede human resources in the future.


BTT Address: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1132170
ETH Address: 0x08648179816c23c1193b3223684F8A576C420F7B


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