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I had been looking forward to capturing some decent footage of the 6 foot plus swell the other day. A surprising strong SE swell hit Cronulla Beach, even after the NE cyclone swell we just had. That late afternoon I took on double overhead waves, I was a bit uneasy at times and did make it out with the best ever rides of my life. At one point I was apprehended underwater for a long time by a powerful wave. While held down, I had discovered this is my limit and it felt like an eternity trying to swim to the surface and obtain much needed oxygen. I had just gained a profound amount of respect for the ocean and would not surf any bigger until I am more experienced, this determined my limitations.

Next day after, there was still a big swell hitting the coast and I decided to take out my go pro. Unfortunately the pro standard mouth mount snapped while duck diving. The gopro impacted into the surfboard, which was unexpectedly enough to break it. I had gathered my go pro before the swell took it into shore, lucky for the float attachment.


The pro standard mouth mount seemed to snap fairly easily. I believe this may be due to the fact there is a minute notch in the plastic. Not too sure why it is designed like this, however it snapped exactly in the middle of this notch. Perhaps this could be a safety feature so that you don’t take the impact on your teeth, not too sure.


Nevertheless, I had a great time surfing after I returned the Go pro camera back to the car. The waves were powerful and I was lucky enough to see a decent sized turtle. Would have been great to capture the turtle on go pro, he was very cool indeed.

I own a different mouth mount from cam gear that I hadn’t used before. The surf was a lot smaller than previous days and decided to take out the other go pro mount. I was in fact very tired as a result of surfing for the last week every day in large swell. To be honest, I needed a break and could tell by my poor surfing effort. I couldn’t help myself and still went out anyway. I was glad as dusk is a fine time to surf, the sky transforms as a result of the sunset and It seems to slow down time where I can contemplate the colourful light reflecting upon the water. I wanted to reveal the beauty I see at dusk by slowing down time at these particular moments in the video.


The cam gear mouth mount is made with a snorkel mouth piece, although after testing the mouth mount, in my view it had many disadvantages compared with the pro standard that Kelly Slater uses.

  • The mouth piece is more difficult to hold in the mouth, resulting in a sore jaw.

  • The mouth piece moved around a lot more in my mouth, making it a lot more uncomfortable. I really did not enjoy it and felt it could fly out of my mouth more easily.

  • The footage does not seem to be as smooth as a result of the mouth piece slightly bending up and down.

  • The breathing was not as comfortable and you could swallow water much easier than the pro standard.


The pro standard mouth mount is much more comfortable in my view and seemed to be less likely to fly out of the mouth. The biggest positive for the snorkel type mouth mount would be that it is harder to break. The comfortable feeling and easier breathing with the pro standard is enough for me to consider buying another. I will need to be careful not to hit against my surfboard next time or not take it out in rough conditions.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more surfing footage.


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Which version of go pro do ya own? Man this post makes me so tempted to grab the 6!


Go pro hero 6. It is the first go pro I have owned and it has been great. I had a few issues, although since I reformatted the SD card and turned off auto rotate I have not had a single issue. It was freezing sometimes. Now it works perfect.


Great to know, I'll look to you if I end up buying one

Great to see another aussie on Steemit, following and will continue to upvote and comment.


Thanks and followed you too:)

go pro 6, right? great one.
use it also sometimes.
rock on dude :-)


Yes, I use go pro 6. Has some cool framerates for slow mo :)

Another awesome vid mate. Shame about the attachment - but better to break that than your teeth!

You've inspired me with your surf vids so I'm going to get some footage soon but not keen to use a mouth piece in the sizey stuff. Keep killin it brother!

Oh also I keep missing the deadline to upvote your vids so Il upvote your latest post instead. If you want to use the #shorebreaksessions tag in your surf vids feel free too, I check that most time's I log on and will hopefully be uploading another segment to the series myself this weekend!


Thanks for the support. I will add the tag next vids. I just love to have people follow my journey and cannot wait to share some monumental moments that will come this winter. I pulled off my first backside snap with some power. I felt the torque by lifting my leading arm above my head, it was a thrilling moment :)

I love to see you evolve on your journey and learn how we should be humble before the forces of nature. And remember, keep the balance between your rationality and spirituality. Go out and take a deep breath and enjoy every moment, every touch in the water, every breeze ... All the energy that you can absorb!! But first you have to let the go pro at home. Do not worry, it's only until you learn to connect and disconnect from the world where you live and the world where we Surf. Your body and mind must be in perfect coherence. And is hard to do it with the concerns of loosing the goods.

Look for the Wim Hof method. Here is a small sample of what you can find in this method. Do not forget " Feeling is Understanding"

Keep practicing on skateboarding and this method, that is basically breathing. lol !!
Your brain is a receiver, your body a machine and your conscience is all of them in harmony.



I surf everyday but only record on go pro every couple of weeks. Will apply this breathing technique. I have been learning the techniques on the carver. I recently learnt the feeling of the frontside bottom hand turn and how to generate some power by touching the concrete/water with my hand. I also noticed the cutback is improving although is hard to establish balance between frontfoot and backfoot. I can feel the chest over my knee and turning of my hips helps.. I will post up on the carver skate and a vid to show my progress soon. Its so much fun. I just have to limit my use as I have osteoarthritis in my right knee. I can do 20 minutes training on the carver skate, anymore and my knee swells ;)


"I can do 20 minutes training on the carver skate, anymore and my knee swells ;)" AHAHAHA!! mine also hurt me and I do not suffer from osteoarthritis. 20 min is perfect. Very important to remember to look where you are going.

By the way your videos always leave me hypnotized in front of the screen! I hope you continue to post them. I want you to progress too.

Cheers Mate.


Thanks. I appreciate the tips and has been helping a lot. I can notice an improvement :) hopefully in my upcoming vids you can notice ;) been crappy surf and its raining. Watching a lot of surf vids.