GoPro Hero 5 & Rode Lav Lapel Mic Vlogging Setup & Audio Comparison

in gopro •  2 years ago  (edited)

Play video *skip to 1.17 to see the equipment.)

In this post I compare the GoPro Hero 5 standard audio quality against a few improvements, so you can see how you can improve your vlogging setup with just a few extra bits. I compare the difference between;

  • GoPro out of the housing + no mic + no Joby stand

  • GoPro in the housing Rode Mic + Joby stand

  • GoPro in the housing + Rode Mic + Joby Stand (Hint, this is the best)

Joby Stand:
RØDE SC3 iPhone Accessory - Black:
GoPro 3.5 mm Microphone Adapter:
Rode Smartlav+ Lavalier Microphone:

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Nice video, def gonna have to check Some of these accessories out.

I am planning on mentioning your excellent work in my talk at steemfest, It is a tribute to all of your dedication and hard work in a hope of attracting more attention to the promo-steem tag. I hope you concur and don't mind me using your work as a case study. Please let me know if this is not ok for you.

Hey Matt,

Thats totally fine, it would be an honour to be featured :P

Great post.go ahead.

Wow cool. I like vlogging too but I just use my phone and it sucks. Lol.

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