in googlyeyes •  5 months ago

I was awoken by an unfamiliar guest


"Hi, I am Peggy. I am the sister of Clippy from Microsoft Word (TM). I will be your personal assistant for household chores today."

"Well I don't need any help in doing chores," I said.

Peggy gazed sternly into my eyes and then dashed off to my bathroom.

"You cannot go in there," I shouted.


Slyly she said a top my mountain of dirty laundry, "Are you sure you don't need help?"

"You are right I do," I said while not daring to make eye contact.

Quickly I loaded up my washing machine. Peggy took what small things she could carry. I switched it on and then we put the following song on repeat:

After over 60 spins. It finally was ready. Time for Phase II:


Finally done!


Even though the laundry was done. Peggy decided to hang around. :D

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I should put that motivational soundtrack on, too...

I really have to conquer the summit of my own Mount Laundry here... chores chores... ugh...

Peggy is such a helpful girl! But she can easily pin your heart other than your boxers... 😂

I think she'd like @abigail-dantes' Archimedes 😉

Good idea ;-)

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