Googly eyes in Nice - the cact-eye

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When walking in Nice I countered this fellowship of cacti. They call themselves cact-eye. Don't confuse their name with cacti. They get all prickly about it.

They want to spread the niceness of Google eyes hence they are based in Nice. I thought they needle a bit of promotion so I posted it on steemit.

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lol... that's a nice find...

now technically you din't make these right?! ah well... I don't get to be to picky about that these days :P the puns are original enough ;)

some random googly cactus facts: @hopehuggs posted the first sight of the CactEye a while ago, and @remoc once posted some mexican fellows of your nice friends there... I used to be more picky back then, though :P

Great hairy creatures ;-)

this is very cuty.... their stary eyes seems in wonder..."someone is taking pic at us don't move a muscle"😄

@googlyeyes yup I am not selling those on a street corner in Nice. Ah I didn't notice that somebody else already made that pun before. So it is fine if these are not applicable for the weekly prize

we've got only three entries so far, so there's no room for prickly-ness, unless we get some more over the weekend you're basically bound to win something :P heh

@googlyeyes somehow cannot open that link without the app crashing D:

@bucipuci hairy that is why I want to share-ry

Your look is original ;-)

@googlyeyes you should have said prickly instead of picky :D

yeah, lol... i thought about it... but you've banked that one for yourself already ;)

@steevc thankies fellow abuse fighter