A black hole in action

in googlyeyes •  last month 

I dropped a banknote and it was immediately eaten up by one of my googly animals. Luckily I have proof:


This is Mister W.A. Letti. He lives in my jacket pocket. He gets easily sick during my walks as he suffers from sea sickness. However, when sick he vomits banknotes so I haven't evicted him yet. This type of relationship makes cents right!

I specifically used Chinese Yuan in the gif so I could make Yuan more pun :D

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This post gives me an unearthly urge to punch you in the teeth. Arrrrggjjjjhhnnnjgdjnsisjhsjsjzkkzkz


maybe you mean pun-ch me :D


I am really curious how you are irl 😂😂😂


I have a pumkin for a head. cause I am the punking hahahahaha

  ·  last month (edited)

I'm gonna sue you for massively killing my innocent brain cells!


well if I killed all your brain cells you can get a brain transplant and change your mind :D


Dear Lord!

Just Yuan more pun... genius!

I wish I had a friend like this... someone who vomits banknotes when I shake him. That does not make cents, though! Notes usually come in a higher denomination.


Note-d haha

You made my day 😂 thanks a lot for Mr. W.A.Letti!


@okkiedot :D you're alive!!!


Yes, I am. Hopefully, I can manage to return to the googly scene 👀 sometime soon.


THAT would be quite something! I'm already a bit excited, but... I'm also patient ;)


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Cutest googl-ey eyed black hole I've ever seen. And it likes money!
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Great GIF ;-)


Thanks. I actually made the photos in reverse because it is much easier to take a note out of a wallet than it is to put in the wallet


I know this ;-).

Haha cool. Love Mister W.A. Letti. He looks like a stingray in action.

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I hadn't noticed that he looked like a stingray. nice haha

Hahaha... Awesome :-D
I also have such a black hole here. I think it has it's hiding place under my couch.


maybe you can also give that black hole some googly eyes ;-)


I will try to get some googly eyes so that when I'm able to catch I can put them on :-)

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