Googly Eyes Contest - Lanky Larry

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This is Larry. He has lots of limbs. His limbs are lanky, meaning he is ungracefully tall and thin. Larry likes looking. He uses his googly eyes. Larry loves you. Do you love Larry?




These were taken on a camping trip with @melodyrussell and @jasonrussell. I googlified the campsite while they were floating the Jacks Fork River.

Hope you enjoyed! Thanks for stopping by!

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With looks like that he must be poplar :D



Congrats @hethur240, your made onto the shortlist and your entry is currently being voted on at Planet Googly on Discord. Good Luck!

Larry looks like he needs a big hug! Hahaha!


I did not hug Larry. He was surrounded by brush down low. I guess you could say...Larry had some bush. ;)

Woow, tantos brazos, eso quiere decir que debe tener super poderes jaja.
Es capaz de salvar al mundo. ♥


I bet he is a super hero! I could have used a towel as a cape for him! Haha!

hehehe... awesome... another one from the campside :D

I can't decide... is he wearing a scarf? Is that his mouth? Or did someone gag him?!

Love the pose in the 3rd image... it's like he's going to fly off...


I think of him as having long lips somehow. Haha!


heh, crossed lips?! Guess he knows how to keep a secret then :P


He's telling secrets from the corner of his mouth...Shhhh