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RE: 👀 #GooglyEyes 📷 Follow the Googly Rabbit - Things With Eyes Vol.70

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You got to sorry me @fraenk but maybe the drink it’s not for the rabbit which is really waiting for someone that looks at them with different special eyes and brave enough to ,once spotted both the rabbit and the cup plus the book above , tries and tastes the drink ( with a finger tip) from the cup which most probably would open and unknown hole to a marvellous land.
Who knows maybe the travel trough that mysterious hole has somekind of background music as well as that marvellous land.
...well or maybe is just a stain on the wall with a funny eye over it seen very different by my disturbed brain 🤪
I’m not to be too thanky about your mention nor your constant support , anyway I had not enough thanks to do it right so I’ll simply send you some... hugs 😊


The book... it's nice that you mention the book! I think it adds something to the scene, aesthetically and on my imaginary meta layer as well.

The book's Title was "Die Abgestellten", which translates to "The Deposited" but it's actually a wordplay in German where "Die Angestellten" would mean "The Employed", I guess it's a look at the decay of permanent employment in favor of cheap labour or self-employment... I don't know, it doesn't matter too much what the book was about, but it also had a Library marking on the sleeve, so someone must have forgotten it there... maybe they went into the rabbit-hole and never came back?!

And even though you didn't actually follow thegooglyrabbit yet, I'll definitely put you on the SBI list because you've got curious eyes... noticing that book there... nice!

And as always, hugs and cuddles are coming right back at you!

You are right, so many words and missed to follow the rabbit

Right down into that rabbit hole :D Awesome!