What a joke. People need a law for that? Just stop using fakebook and use steemit.

I am. However, more than a billion people use Facebook. And you don't mention Google, which probably is used more.

Voting with our feet is a very real solution to this problem, which, unfortunately, is also very real. The problem is not limited to Google and Facebook. The practice of harvesting personal information is undertaken by ISP's, many, many other websites, phone carriers like AT&T and Verizon, and various other companies with access to such personal information availability via the internet.

One company I have read does not harvest user data is Cricket. Don't rely on this, as I have not researched this at all. I don't use Cricket, nor have any interest in the company, btw.

One thing that concerns me about this is that AT&T has supported this bill, which makes me wonder if there is a hidden mechanism or loophole by which they think they might be able to continue to profit from such data, while posturing as privacy advocates. The fact remains that AT&T might just be saying what they actually think, and that a single regulatory framework might be preferable to the present minefield their company operates in.

Youre right. I would avoid all these corporations in the techno industrial complex. All the companies participating in the PRISM project should be boycotted entirely.

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