Google and Amazon Open Source Trafficking Investigation on Steemit.

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Google and Amazon Open Source Trafficking Investigation on Steemit.


Film / Blog Summary

I am calling for an open source investigation into the potential trafficking networks being operated by Google and Amazon with private airplanes and shipping channels. Recently some of their higher ups, and directors were caught in a sex trafficking scandal in Seattle and I bet there is a lot more here with the type of access and connections at hand here.

If someone could find that video of Eric Schmidt taunting the alt media at Bilderberg from the hotel window in a bathrobe please link it below. I know it exists I just don't have the time to find it. However Eric Schmidt did just step down, and he is a Bilderberger:

Amazon and Google Directors busted in Seattle Sex Trafficking ring by @AnonNews:

Trump's Executive order regarding Human Right's (will cover later in a video where I can screen share):

The Alphabet / Google private airport in San Jose "Blue City":

Jeff Bezos House of Horrors video that got me a strike on youtube on my main channel but not my back up channel:

I want to collect this information on steemit so that Google and Amazon have no chance to censor it. Please leave your replies on this steemit post so they are not censored.

I want you to specifically look for Amazon / Google Airplanes, private air terminals, security and customs clearance, diplomatic status being used, who is flying the Google airplanes, who is using them etc. All hands on board steemit, let's put these tech giants who think they are above the law to the test of public scrutiny.

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ok titus, here is what i found. the private planes are in 3 corps. Blue city Holdings LLC, H211 LLC, and Google Inc. i have all the public records on leasing at hanger one. all in pdf's. unsure how to link them here. ill get them uploaded and link them later.

Moffett Federal Airfield

On November 10, 2014, NASA announced that it would be leasing the airfield to Google for 60 years.

Moffett Airfield is home to H211, LLC, owned by Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Through the LLC they pay $1.3 million a year to NASA to park their Boeing 767-200 and Gulfstream V jets.[29] In addition, the airplanes have also had scientific equipment installed by NASA to allow for experiments to be run in flight.

This is what I am talking about, great research! Keep it going!

Trump funding $19.5 billion for NASA "human space flight programs" is in my opinion, absurd!

I agree, however this is more suited for one of my "Illuminati Space Wars" episodes. Thanks for the link!

I would imagine THIS is where the dirtiest dealings are happening, sounds like it's a perfect set-up for human trafficking. Article is dated MAY 2017. Google's planes at $82 million dollar private hanger/terminal at San Jose Airport. Management company there, Signature Flight Support, BUSTED giving out secret access codes to private hangar to tech execs: "Signature Flight Support was in the news this week after federal authorities opened a probe into allegations that the company had given secret access codes to technology executives that allowed them to access a private airplane hangar at San Jose Mineta International Airport."

Signature Flight Support was in the news this week after federal authorities opened a probe into allegations that the company had given secret access codes to technology executives that allowed them to access a private airplane hangar at San Jose Mineta International Airport."

Thanks I just added these two links to the film.

You are welcome! Thank you for taking on this huge project, Titus. And congratulations on your newest little one :)

Did you also know about Google execs being busted via audit (article DEC. 2013) for receiving discounted fuel prices from the Department of Defense's DLA Energy over a six-year period that no other business received?

SAN FRANCISCO -- Google executives got a steep discount on jet fuel from the federal government for their fleet of private aircraft over a six-year period, a new audit from the NASA inspector general says.

A company owned by tech billionaires Larry Page, Sergey Brin and Eric Schmidt got a discount worth $3.3 million to $5.3 million, NASA Inspector General Paul Martin estimated.

Just added this to the film thanks!

These rumors of international sex trafficking rings involving minors and politicians from the UK and the USA have been swirling for a long time now, but with social media all this shit is becoming exposed now.

What I find very interesting is that these abuses of women are happening in liberal-strongholds on the West coast like Hollywood and Silicon Valley.

Ugh. Hollywood is satanic, and now Silicon Valley? What a disgrace to fine souls like Kilby and Noyce who revolutinized the world with the integrated chip. Noyce was cool. He headed up Fairfield, gave lots of perks to engineers, and then it became Intel. Kilby co-invented the calculator, and was the first to patent the integrated chip.

The first apple computer was sold for 666 dollars.

That is because the "liberals" are liberals in name only, these Hollywood people are occultists. This is a systemic problem because "Rome" now the modern day Vatican still runs the world via central banking, and the same crap they did (pedophilia, incest, etc.) during the times of the Roman Empire is being done today. Nothing has changed except the names and methods of control.

Probably nothing, but I noticed Amazon recommended Shapiro as a customs broker, so I'm leaving this here because Shapiro.

This is from 2015, but could have some useful info. "Operation Aerosmith" and the four airports used. Just dropping this off before digging further.

Great find! Really excellent, time is irrelevant we need all the info we can get

Big paid salaries in Amazon 2016. The Wilkes guy must've made some rich ppl very happy last year.

Map of Amazon airports in the US as of 2016.

Fantastic! We get better, fascinating insight and perspective with an aerial view.

Thanks for your kind words. I'm struggling to find the right keywords today..and this is the closest thing I could find to a compiled list so far.

Airport in Kentucky with link in article to ocean cargo freight to China.

Found it...

Bizarre photo shoot, with Eric Schmidt I believe at bilderberg.

Eric Schmidt at Bilderberg 2011:

I think we all remember when Amazon deleted the negative reviews for Hillary's book, WHAT HAPPENED---1-star reviews went first so some reviewers gave the book 5 stars then wrote negative reviews, just to get them up on the page:

Amazon was on the defensive end this week after receiving criticism for deleting negative reviews of Hillary Clinton's new book.

The online retail giant acknowledged its decision to remove one-star reviews of Clinton's memoir, What Happened, claiming they have the right to uphold reviews from legitimate customers.

“In the case of a memoir, the subject of the book is the author and their views,” an Amazon spokesperson told Fortune. “It’s not our role to decide what a customer would view as helpful or unhelpful in making their decision. We do however have mechanisms in place to ensure that the voices of many do not drown out the voices of a few and we remove customer reviews that violate our community guidelines.”

Yes, that one, too!

Highly rEsteemed! I 100% support this type of activity.
Open sourcing investigations on SteemIt instead of Twitter,
4Chan, 8Chan, Facebook groups and the likes; because...
Well because Blockchain! Any questions?

The game is afoot!



Yeah exactly Mr. Bacon. Can't censor us here right?

Yes! And not just because of the Censoring aspect, but participation in open investigations should also have things like Consensus, Voting, Payments, and Continuity. Have you ever noticed how the other networks seem to be Gamed to just create distraction, repetition, disagreements, and general confusion? ... yea, me too. It's almost as if systems like YouTube and Twitter are designed like Roach Motels for investigators. I'm leaving ALL OF THEM... and I'll leave SteemIt too when someone builds a better network that DOESN'T Premine it's Economy right out of the Gate to hand it over to DumbFucks!!! Sorry... I'm low on my meds ; )
Going out for a walk... we should chat sometime brother.
Check out who I just brought back to life...

H211 llc purchased a fighter jet and "recent reports indicate that Microsoft is looking into purchasing several F-22s from the U.S. Air Force.",news-2834.html

It was painful but I closed my Amazon account when that fuckwad Bezos hired John Podesta on the WaPo. It is all related and it all makes sense. Supply Chain is key to organ and child/human trafficking. Amazon is perfect. They were on track to drone in your pizza or pasta in a few years. Thank God for this disrupter: Trump and the Military.

A list of Amazon Primes Air Fleet.

I wonder which badass investigative journalist I can compare to you for now. Like Michelle Malkin, who dedicates her books to whistleblowers, she really digs in.

Yeah, Google and Amazon can be a hub for whatever, big time!

Anyway, regarding the people on the hill you mentioned, let me throw in this little ditty:
Psalms 37:35-36 (New Living Translation)
"I have seen wicked and ruthless people
flourishing like a tree in its native soil.
But when I looked again, they were gone!"

You may want to contact this artist, researcher and former contract worker for Google, Andrew Norman Wilson, who filmed and inadvertently discovered a class of workers, the Yellow Badges, who do nothing but scan books for Google Books, but are a VERY secret group of workers who worked odd hours, 4 am to 2:15 pm, and seemed to have even fewer if any of the privileges of the other contract workers and were mostly people of color. He got permission to film but not from a person high enough up, firestorm after Google and his contract company found out, he was fired.

More re Google Books:

One commentator on this video points out that during the eight-year legal battle over Google scanning and making public other authors' copyrighted works (see ruling in my other post here), this video above may have captured illegal book scanning while lawsuit was in progress!
goldb4 years ago
Hi Andrew.

Thank you for posting your video. As you probably know Google was involved in an 8 year legal battle over the scanning of library books. Maybe they were not allowed to continue scanning while the case was being decided? You may have captured proof of illegal activity. Have you investigated this aspect of your firing???

Please check this out:

:) Goldbean

How Amazon is monopolizing the independent book market:

Thank you for seeking truth your work here is appreciated.

Thank you for the nice comment. Take care.

Thank you for putting this story together and giving it the full attention it deserves. I know there is much more here than has been presented. Positive that new information will come forward. Someone has got to stop these people ASAP.

You are welcome, thanks for the comment. Please check back for the full documentary.

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Good post

Yes. Perfectly succinct. And like other posts, exclusive need-to-know information, and nicely presented.
(I'll come back later and try to follow your post. I'm not that adept with Steemit, yet.) Mark my words.

I've been looking into who loaned their private jet to Ed Rendell to go to Haiti and haven't found out yet, but wanted to share these articles for the cringe factor.

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