Now in the Google search engine, you can also find a job

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The function was incorporated into the search engine and the results will redirect users to other employment sites or to the pages of large companies and SMEs. Until now, the option was only available in the United States.

Although there were apparently no items left out of Google's radar, the Internet giant has just added a new one: job searches. The service will be enabled in different stages, but it is already available in Argentina since yesterday. "It will be working in successive waves and phases and it is a box inside the search engine, an immersive experience, where the main job searches will appear as results according to different criteria, such as teachers or plumbers in Córdoba," he explained. El Cronista Eugenia Denari, Marketing Director of Google Argentina, Chile and Peru.

As the directive explained, the company worked together with the different employment portals that already exist in the market to facilitate that their information appears among the results and that the users are then referred to those sites. But also, from now on, large companies and SMEs that publish job searches in their online pages may also appear in the results "Companies may integrate a Google code into their pages, which will allow them to access searches," said Denari .

Several surveys conducted by the search engine show that 45% of Internet users over 18 years of age used the Internet to search for work and one in three goes to search engines to facilitate this process. The search results include details about the publication such as the title of the position, the location, whether it is full-time or part-time or an internship. In addition, alerts can be programmed to receive a notification by mail each time a new position is published that matches the search.

However, there will be no possibility for advertisers or companies to pay ads to appear directly in the results. "This has no cost for the search portals or for the companies, Google what it does is to derive the traffic to the third party sites, within the immersive experience we will not be including ads, but they can appear on the outside, as it happens in the general searches, which do include paid advertisements, "said the executive.

For the development of these functionalities, Google worked with some partners at a global level such as LinkedIn and Glassdoor. But also with local partners: in the case of Argentina Trovit, Clarín Jobs, Love Mondays and Workana, among others, were included. So far, the job search function was only available in the United States. And from now on the first markets that are added are Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia and Chile, where the launch was made simultaneously.

The functionality was first presented in 2017 by Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, during the I / O developer conference. On that occasion, Zakrasek commented that Google worked with several partners of the employment ecosystem to ensure that the content is published accurately, as soon as it is available and directed exactly to the users who will find it most relevant.

"We know that the search process is not easy, 30% of Internet users who look for work on the Internet consider it a complicated process and part of our commitment is to make it easier for users to find what they are looking for," added Denari. The functionalities will be available for both PC and mobile versions.

The user should not download an application or program, but write in the search engine what type of job offer you want to find. From Google, they highlighted that the experience will improve continuously, since it will apply artificial intelligence and automatic learning (search learning), and people will also be able to rate the offers or see how long it would take to get to work from home.


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