What do you think about Googles reCaptchas?

in google •  6 months ago

I think everyone may know about these dang time-stealing annoying Captchas or reCaptchas from Google...

If you are one of these beings that are using a site like https://bitrad.io/radio/10263/Psyradio/ you may have to solve them every 3 Hours...
Do they have to be annoying?
Are they necessary?
Sadly, yes I do think so...

Big Question, how can they be made Efficient VS Bots and don't be annoying?

I actually have an Idea, Google has the Power to make them very efficient against Bots and even may be able to help Humans Learn something, what if Google can implement some sort of Learning Mechanics?

  • Just think about the possibilities of increasing the Brainpower, learning some new Knowledge about something google has to offer and bots don't understand/cant solve.
  • I recently used that site Neuronation and read something about Do 'Brain Training' Games Really Work?
  • thats exactly both sites, Neuronation claims it works and livescience claims the opposite, so everyone can create their own Picture and think about: Could those "Brain-Games" be implemented to Googles ReCaptchas? And Would it be a Good Idea?

What else could be a Good Idea to improve the ReCaptchas?

Google knows a lot about us... Even more than we may know about ourselves some say, that means that Ressource can be used for Learning, Learning about something we know already and wan't to improve because of our Interest, it could be a simple question about something (not personal) you know about, or where you need to use google to solve the question and by that, you may learn more about the topic.

The last one, is for the Community of Steemit!

How about Posting your Idea's for the Improvement of reCaptchas?, if it is a bigger one make a Blog about it, and i will as long as it is possible add them here on this Blog if you wish. Or if someone has a lot more reach than i have, you can use it, to add the other if they wish.

  • It really needs to be seen by Google, so they will act, or so i hope...

It is about time to give reCaptchas a new meaning!

Thanks for Reading my Blog, i am thankful for fine fresh Feedback!

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I LOATHE THEM!!! They are the most stupid, annoying, time-stealing things you can encounter on the web, even more so than pop-ups for sports betting sites. I have to deal with them on so many sites whenever I decide to hide my identity with Tor. I know you're supposed to use Tor at all times to play it safe, but I just couldn't stand the ensuing insanity of ReCaptcha and would go completely mad. I mean look at the captcha in the article! The images are so grainy and at such low resolutions that you can hardly tell one from the other. Looks almost as if Google bought an old warehouse with a stockpile of 16mm FBI surveillance footage from the 1970's.

Most of the times you are presented with a literally unsolvable task. "Select all the road signs". Well, there is only one road sign, divided into a puzzle of 9 pieces!!! Or another favorite of mine, "select all the cars, click until there are none left". Sometimes I need 5 minutes for a single ReCaptcha because the items in the images are just unrecognizable, no matter how many times I click on 'reload'.

Now as for their supposed usefull purpose; I've seen dozens of other examples of captcha that don't occupy my precious time longer than a few seconds, and that don't require me to use a magnifying glass either. For example, a picture with lots of circles randomly assembled on top of and besides one another where you have to click on the one circle that has an opening. There's also a capture where you have to type a few words that are being displayed, or copy&paste a short line of text. I'm not an expert in the field, but I would posit that all of the above options are as bot-safe as ReCaptcha yet only take a few seconds to solve. On the other hand maybe ReCaptcha is indeed safer, because after all it prevents not only bots but also HUMANS from solving it most of the time.

I would like to propose a few alternatives. Yes, these captchas are hard to solve but at least some humans can solve them:

Good old Rapidshare Captcha-1.png

Good old Rapidshare Captcha-2.png


Thansk for the fine fresh Feedback!
So far, i do need to use magnify.exe a lot for them, it's so annoying...

On the other hand maybe ReCaptcha is indeed safer, because after all it prevents not only bots but also HUMANS from solving it most of the time.

It's exactly my thought sometimes...

These alternatives are pretty hard, but i think if you search for the answer, one might learn something new, or not depending on the person. That Puzzle one, could be a problem though... I have the feeling these are exceptionally meant to annoying persons, so that they might give up and use premium.

I must solve these reCaptchas several times a day, because the homepages I need for my work are all having those reCaptchas. At the beginning I found it annoying but now I live with it, but I would not be against changing it :)

sometimes i might spot a few pixels that resemble a car and i wonder if i should click on that image or not.. just too annoying.. :)

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