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I recently read Life after Google which explains how the internet went from being truly peer to peer to the server warehouse pipelines infrastructure we ride today. I have a lot of hope for our future, though the more time passes the more urgent it is to build quality foundations on which our future generations will live prosperously for centuries. Building something that lasts is hard... Especially with the world market teetering on our political leaders poker game. I stand for a resource backed economy, where the people who do the work can organize their own decisions.

We want to surf an internet where security is the foundation. blockstack
Everytime I try to tell people the name of this book @surpassinggoogle comes to mind first. Since I saw your username first I seem to have stored them in the same place. While google has created many great works it's conglomeration of eyeballs and traffic is astounding, they have bypassed our wallets to directly consume our attention and time which they sell to other companies to continue their work accumulating human eyeballs.

Google offers all of it's services for free, while this seems glorious and has been an integral part of my life, and most everybody else's, the problem being the bait and switch tactic. Offering free services in return for time and data utilized for the purposes of advertising.

Silicon Valley philosophy has a separatist machine view of the world, where humans and the universe are in fact deterministic machines, a complexity we will someday be able to understand completely. Entrepreneurs warn computers will surpass us dramatically faster than we expect. Recently coming together to refuse to develop AI weapons to prevent global catastrophe. (China is already advised by AI with access to all their intelligence)

Perspective is relativistic, we are one entire universe, unfolding is what we call now. This is the moment of quantum adjustment(entanglement?), where we discovered that free will and fate are simply opposite sides of the same coin. Experience in this moment is dependant upon no less than everything in the observable universe operating in series and parallel at every scale. Quantum thought retains uncertainty and surprise experience as the most enjoyable of life's pleasures and pains. As alan watts once said: “If you are absolutely certain it will happen, then it has already happened, you’ve already had it”

Money, USD for me, is currently the universal unit of measurement because most all goods and services can be paid in USD. Since I live in america everything is filtered through this perspective lens, I too think in terms of USD, though I have been learning to convert to more tangible resources. Energy, Food, Water, Shelter, Socialization, Transportation and every other good or service is what i'm going to refer to as Ground Value, a resource backed economy. Right now the cryptocosm is generating new monetary land in ways that are superior to the existing exchange that occurs continuously around the globe.

One of Newton’s lesser known ventures was alchemy and establishing a new mint ratio via the practices of validating gold bullion. Pegging a national currency to a fixed ratio of gold had the effect of stabilizing the currency price. This security allowed paper bills to be distributed reassured by government officials that the bills were backed by gold therefore remaining at reasonably stable value. Instrumentation and practices available today can also verify numerous other resources. Note that the holding of resources is pointless unless they are liquid and can be utilized accordingly or are able to be exchanged reliably for other resources. Thus places for digital to physical exchange will be of great interest, first up would be the ATM.

In 1973 the United States officially abandoned the Gold standard thanks to president Nixon, who promised the dollar would retain its value, instead we see indefinite inflation and government intervention. The global economy seems to be propped up by the spending and liquidity made available by governments all over the world. Wikipedia has two sources rejecting that a return to the gold standard would benefit most americans, which I agree with since inflation prefers spending and deflation prefers saving.

While I want to tout cryptos and blockchain as the savior of the people, it simply has not pervaded even 1% of the individuals on our planet. Unfourtunatly I cannot yet buy and sell core resources with our new invention such as food, water, and housing. Internet has become maybe the most valuable resource, phones, electricity, supplies, literally everything which I can purchase with USD I cannot easily purchase with crypto. I have seen demonstrated cards which convert crypto into currency into fiat to pay. This is closer though not every country or company agrees. The deflationary nature of bitcoin results in saving rather than spending, we will not be able to spend without stability. Only things of real value will retain their exchange value in a crisis.

What George Gilder has said is that the blockchain technology offers a true free market price network which has been the primary failure of the existing network. The goal is to build a new, faster, highly reliable network which democratizes its own users for development and growth. Just like we do here at Steem.

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