Google Family Link Features Help Parents Control Children's Activities Using Mobile Phones

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It is undeniable that many children today are good at using cellphones. In addition to being an entertainment tool, the presence of cellphones can also help children in completing schoolwork and learning. What you need to understand as a parent is that cell phones and the internet have positive and negative values ​​for your child's development. If this cellphone is used properly and correctly it will certainly have a huge positive impact on children's development. But on the contrary, if your baby's cell phone use is not controlled, of course the negative effects can be very bad. For this reason, parents are needed to be able to supervise and control children in using cell phones to surf healthy and smart.

Well, in this era there is an application that is carried by Google, Google Family Link to help parents monitor and control the activities of children in using mobile phones and internet. Now, to get to know this application more, we will review the Google Family Link application in more depth.

Google Family Link Application Features Parents Need to Know include the following
There are times when your little one is very difficult to stop when he is engrossed and even addicted to using a cellphone to play, well with the Google Family Link application, you can set or set the device to limit the time of use of the device and lock the device when the break time for the baby has arrived, so the child can no longer use excessive electronic devices.
Sometimes children may be careless or may accidentally download or buy various applications that we do not want, with the Google Family Link application, parents also have control tools to approve applications that can be downloaded or even block any applications that may not be downloaded or purchased child.
Worried because children don't go home or just want to know where kids are now? Google Family Link helps parents to be able to track where their children are located via devices carried by their children.
Want to know what applications your child's favorite is, and how long does it take? Really can. Google Family Link also allows you to monitor what applications your child uses and how long they take. For parents who still like to worry when your child is watching YouTube, with Google Family Link, parents can also set filters or filter content. for Youtube Kids. So no need to worry anymore children can watch content carelessly on Youtube.
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