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I'M LOVING Presearch so far - the decentralized search engine.

You may have heard already that you can switch from Google (MSN, Yahoo, etc) to make it your home or start page / default search engine, and you'll literally get paid - in crypto - for every search.

You can even set Presearch to just return normal Google search results (without the spying) if you prefer Google's results. Duck Duck Go is also one of the available presets, as are Amazon, Facebook, Twitter and many other sites that come as "factory settings". Meaning you can enter a search term (like a book or item) and just search Amazon's results, without first typing for instance.

But the "get paid to search" feature just might be the driving force to Presearch's rise, and also why I believe it could also ultimately usher in untold numbers of "first-timers" to the crypto world (like Steemit has) as it's popularity spreads.

In case you didn't know already, you automatically earn 25 Presearch tokens just for signing up (current value about 6 cents each acc to CoinMarketCap)
Then you continue to earn 1/4 Presearch token every time you search - up to 32 times, or eight tokens, daily. (Eight tokens times six cents is 48cents per day, at current value - wayyyy more than any "Bitcoin faucet" you can find now.)

Also a very attractive incentive is that Presearch pays you 25 new tokens for every referral that utilizes them as well. (Note that it takes a little while to get paid...)

"You become eligible for your 25 token bonus, per referral, once each referral has earned 100 search reward tokens, and has been active 60 days after their initial sign up."

I'm not really a "serial referral link spreader" but this one is worth telling people about, imho. Not only as a "decentralized alternative to Google" - which I personally believe has tremendous value in itself and is worth switching to on that basis alone ... but also - as I started with - Presearch is a really low key and uncomplicated way to introduce one's non-crypto friends to the world of cryptocurrency!

The pitch is simple actually... by giving friends a really solid way to get out from under Google spying you're already doing them a favor. And showing them the CoinMarketCap page for Presearch can help them wrap their minds around the idea that they're earning real-world value daily for using Presearch.

I'm just telling my non-crypto friends that they can be earning daily without even thinking about it. Then maybe two or three years down the road - when Bitcoin and crypto in general has become more mainstream and easier to use - they just check their balance on Presearch and see how much they're worth!

So I could be wrong, but I tend to believe that simply earning a tiny bit of crypto daily - easily! - would serve as "the gateway" many people might use to becoming interested in cryptocurrencies in general. We all know how it goes... once you have a little crypto you check it regularly, then you research other cryptos, you become more and more educated on "how to", the light bulb goes off and slowly but surely we change the world for the better as our evil overlords' grip on our daily lives lessens :)

In case you're wondering, the Presearch token is not on a lot of exchanges yet :
so that non-crypto question of "So how do I convert that to real dollars" is still going to be sticky for awhile. The answer is the same tho - in a few years it will be simple.

And just like Bitcoin or Steem, when the time comes, they won't want to!


Sign Up for Presearch here to start getting paid for every search.


looks like scam
Token withdrawals have begun

Token redemptions began at the end of June and will continue progressively moving forward.

but you still can't withdraw tokens))

** the decentralized search engine** which just redirects to fucking google .. That's funny ))

Interesting, I am going to have to check this out. Google is beginning to give me ulcers. I am an miniaturist, so I am constantly searching images. Google seems to think that the few and same images it provides me is satisfactory.
When a company decides it knows what you want more than you do, it is time to get rid of them.
thank you for your post.

Well said! They literally do skew the search results to what they think you want.

Please can I borrow this article?

Sure! Just sign up then change it all you want, including your referral code. I won't flag it or complain.

@ibringawareness - I am looking for the alternatives of Big G or any traditional serach engines. This is a great idea of decentralized search. I used to support the project. But now move away as I realise that this kind of project will never happen. Some example of Why?

  1. Lack of well communication with timely response to the communities.

  2. You need to bet your luck of what you will be rewarded. The minimum threshold for withdrawal is 1000 PRE token. The process of withdrawal is unpredictable as their team need to review your account to prove that your account is not abuse their system or easy words just use its platform for token. Once your account is OK, they will send you an email with withdrawal instruction. So far, it will take approx 125 days to get 1000 PRE token. And no proper time frame for account review and reward distribution to your ERC20 wallet.

  3. The incentive of give away 8 PRE token per day is a pain in the ass for PRESEARCH. As it takes time to distribute or even not distribute as they only communicate that there is currently 250000 accounts are currently being reviewed.

@legko - My account pass their review but now over a month and never get it. So it proves that the team lack of management skill on how to handle the situation for mass adoption. Here is the official ERC20 Wallet of PRESEARCH - 0x16fa565b6b61248a5807c3af14f0005b383c4214 , that you can check of how they distributed the reward. So no way for PRESEARCH to get close to any other traditional search engines.

Very questioning for me on this PRESEARCH Project. You can visit their unofficial community here on discord: as you will see Colin Pape - the founder of project around and response.

PRE edits.jpg

And sorry to disturb your post but only love to share another point of view to the community. And I am happy to show other prove of evidences to support my comment.

Thanks and have a great day.

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