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Asian media has reported in the past two days the arrival of negotiations between Google and HTC / HTC "to the very advanced stages of the acquisition of the US company on the mobile sector in Taiwan counterpart, which shows the growing desire of Google to invest in this area and walk on The footsteps of Microsoft, which acquired Nokia earlier.

It has become known that the Taiwanese company HTC is not living the brightest days in the past period, the company has achieved negative results for months in the face of fierce competition with the major field, which seems to push the company eventually to surrender and sell its mobile activities to Google.

The Chinese newspaper "Commercial Times" pointed out that the negotiations between Google and HTC for the acquisition of the mobile sector in the Chinese company is in its final stages, while sources pointed out that it may be a strategic partnership knowing that the two companies worked with in the design and development of Google Nexus In the previous.

The news coincides with other reports that HTC will sell its virtual reality sector.

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Not sure if Google will again buy a mobile phone vendor, just a few years after dropping Motorola again. What has changed since then ?