Google Chrome adds the global video playback / pause feature

in google •  4 months ago 

Google may quickly add a play / pause button to its Chrome browser to enable any tab to pause or play videos. The feature is currently still in the test and development stage on Chrome's or Canary's Chrome channel, and the name is Global Media Controls at this time.

Once the fresh multimedia control function is enabled, if a video or audio is played on another browser tab, a replay icon will appear to the right of the URL. Clicking on it opens up a wider control that enables you to pause, play, move forward or backward without actually playing the multimedia material on the card.

The feature may be particularly helpful for interrupting any irritating autoplay video or checking a video from YouTube. This fresh function would substitute the newly removed ancient feature that enabled you to disable the tabs by clicking on the speaker icon. To permanently deactivate a site, it is still possible to right-click on a tab, but it is not comfortable that it was before.

The new Global Media Controls function is only accessible on Chrome's Canary variant, which can be downloaded from this link; it will be essential to activate the following flag: chrome: /flags/ #global media controls once the new "beta" browser is installed.

There are still many bugs in the new function, at the moment both the audio and the video will be checked, but only on some sites. We are confident that in many circumstances, Google will be able to execute the feature we think can be useful.

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