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RE: Google's Censorious Nature Backfires, Employees Forbidden From Protesting

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Thanks for sharing, I wonder that given the circumstances if youtube takes down certain content then it will be taken down from DTube as well because they are only links. It sounds like if DTube gets enough resources it can back up important content that is shared on DTube... and hopefully DTube remains decentralized...


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Might be, on this video the author gave permission like three times on the video

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I think there is different type of censorship. The first is when you are allowed to post the video but your video is not promoted. The second is when your video is taken down. Yes , this is only a link, but it is nice to know that you can post the video. Sure if the original is taken down here disappears as well but I think it is a step in the right direction. Sadly I got to say that videos hosted in DTube are not quite there yet.

We can use other services for hosting and still use an alternative for posting. I am starting using other services like #bitchute #vimeo #peertube and so forth.

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