Google Play Offers Discounts on Some TV Seasons if You Own Part of it Already

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google Play offers a number of different ways to obtain TV shows for your smartphone, tablet, and Android TV devices. So if you would like to get your hands on only one single episode of a TV show, then you have the choice of just buying it and ignoring everything else. This is great for those who either want to check out how a series starts before committing to it, or they could not afford an entire show/season in one go, or they really like that one episode and would like to rewatch it at their convenience.

Then there’s also the full season option where you can purchase an entire season of a show that you enjoy, which is handy for those marathon sessions. Lastly, there are sometimes full show bundles where you can pay to buy every single episode in every season for a TV show and likely get a discount for doing so, just like you generally get a discount when buying by the season.

But there are some instances where one has purchased one or more episodes of a show, maybe perhaps when the season first started, but then could not continue buying them. Previously, you would either need to pay for the missing shows individually, or pay full price for the season itself. For many, it didn’t seem fair to own part of the season already and then have to pay full price just to get the remaining episodes when purchasing by the season.

So Google is now rolling out a new feature to Google Play Movies & TV that could get you a discount on your purchase if you buy a season where you already own some of the episodes. Sadly, this feature will not be possible for every single TV show out there, or every season that a TV show has, but if the season you’re wanting to complete is eligible, then you could receive a discount that will help sweeten your deal.

To get this discount, you will need to use the Google Play Movies & TV application on an Android smartphone, tablet, Android TV, Roku, or compatible smart TV ; but not an iOS device. The discount is only available for SD and HD versions of the show and the price of SD and HD episodes you own will count towards completing a season in HD, but the price of HD episodes owned will not count towards completing a season in SD.Google-Play-Store-Feature-Image-Cyan-810x298_c.jpg


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