5 Hilarious Google Concept you have never heard about.

in google •  3 years ago 

Google self-driving bike

Delivery technology from Google Express

Google Translate for Animals

Google Gmail Blue

Google Fiber Bar

Google Dial-Up mode

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Google is awesome because they basically have infinite money fro their ads and then just dump it all into research of pretty much any kind of goofy tech stuff their employees can think of to work on. I have heard that in many cases they're free to work on anything they want as long as it has some merit or novelty, and judging by the stuff they show at Google Labs it's resulted in a lot of cool stuff, and then they just give it away for free to top it off. Seriously, they have made thousands of awesome things and yet most people never give them a dime, they make all their money from the big guys trying to outbid each other for ads and we get all the free tech loot in the process. Google rocks!