how secure is it to use google authenticator

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dear steemit friends.
Is it true that Google Authenticator can be relied upon to secure our Bitcoin Wallet?

As a Newbie who still smells kencur Grin Grin ... I always wonder about the level of security of my online Bitcoin Wallet account that I have from the threat of being hacked into naughty creatures who want to steal its contents ... there is an entry suggestion for me to use Google Authenticator ( GA) as the additional security of the account ... and I have tried to use it ...

As commonly known ... GA is an additional security authorization method to enter our personal account ... GA is an app that generates code to access that personal account ... GA can also be used even without an internet connection ... Can be installed on HP smartphones, laptops, PCs, tablets and others ...

But ... there are always questions on my head since some of the complications that happened when one of my friends lost GA in his HP ... hemm ... Really GA can be relied upon to secure our Bitcoin Wallet? ... and is there anyone who has experienced the GA had been broken into irresponsible rogue creatures? ... Then if GA lost ... what if we do not have backup data on GA that we have? ... because of course our account will be difficult to open and eat a long process to be reopened ...

Please enlightenment from the seniors all ... in order to be beneficial ... a thousand thanks Smiley Smiley Smiley

advantage google authenticator
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As I mentioned above, by installing 2-step verification, we will provide extra security for our account. More great, the 6-digit code will change every 30 seconds.

I used 2-Step Verification using code sent via sms to the number I have set. But often the sms enter a long time. Can be 1 minute or even up to 5 minutes. Whereas if using Google Authenticator app, no need to wait long. Even if the phone is offline (flight mode) the 6 digit code can still be accessed.

3.More efficient.
If using 2-step verification using the code sent via sms, of course we will be charged sms (depending on each operator we use). But if you use Google Authenticator application, it will not cost you anything free.



Among the advantages there are drawbacks. One of them is we will be more troublesome when will go into our account. Already enter the password must still enter the 6 digit code in the application.

But anyway that is the consequence if we want to provide extra security for our account. If likened we have a house. Our house was given a locked fence. Already able to open the lock of the fence and into the yard, we must open the door lock of the house to get into the house. Not to mention if a sophisticated home should do scanning the new finger sidit can enter. It is more troublesome, but of course we will be more secure from the disorder thieves.

Well how to install 2-Step Verification using the Google Authenticator app and its advantages and disadvantages.

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