Rest in Peace Steem my old friend

in #goodbyesteemlast year

It feels so weird and surreal to write this post but alas, it seems we've come to the end of the line for Steem. A lot of people know me as the Steem guy, and while I have transitioned completely to Hive, Steem was a place that I spent over two years representing and shilling furiously on Twitter.

I must admit that at the start, I wasn't completely sold on the idea of a fork but as time went on and I saw the momentum that the project gained(not to mention @lordbutterfly's enthusiasm), I got in the groove and threw my full support to the move that has proven to be successful.

As if things weren't fucked up as it is with forks upon forks being run that eventually led to @darthknight and and other prominent Hivers losing their stake, the twat with the support of his cronies has taken a step further to outrightly steal funds from Steem holders through this mischievous hardfork that @netuoso discussed in this tweet thread below.

link to thread

In this thread above, a host of prominent Steemians who worked assiduously to grow the platform into what it is today were arbitrarily robbed of their funds. Here are some of the names that are being robbed of their Steem. The irony of everything is that a couple of these names actually still contribute to Steem right now but the idiots have no clue.



Rally the troops

The only thing we can do now is rally the troops in the same way we did for the #steemhostiletakeover and let the world know of this criminal act that Justin Sun is carrying out. It is really sad how things are panning out my deepest apologies to everyone who got robbed by the situation, but just know that the community is behind you. We will build Hive to reach greater heights than we ever hoped for Steem.

As for Steem, the most likely scenario is that it will be delisted in major exchanges Binance, Huobi, Probit and the likes when they realise the magnitude of crime being run by Justin Scum and his lackeys. Let's keep making the right noise on Twitter until our voice is heard. Steem as we know it is gone, and will never return. Rest in Peace Steem, my old friend.