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The world ages, Who choose the standard of beauty fair hair. Time is of value to them instead of cutting wasteful and, together with his hands. Where does that leave far from Emerald. When the value of the time value after the period of time has faded the rest of the grid. The value of respect.. Value. When, in accordance with the time and effort of the benefits, Industrious felt ordinances.
imageimage Only this time, there are words that this was not. The colonial era of Master Peter Snow, a woman who lost at sea and now can not replace. Time Wasting time န့်. them. Laziness sink in the mud left behind. Spend time image that he is happy to pass, The lazy ones. Life is rarely difficult to up the big black hole. Some people ယး calculated concerning the work within a short time to spend time sitting.
imageConversations supplies. Others, to pass the time, as well as his time in vain to become addicted to exercise. The colonial era is fast, are a waste of time and vain to see Master Peter Snow was frustrated ည့် the fastest time in the country Htay rich in gold, Htay Htay rare haven been ordered.
image@nyanlinaung (SMT 35)

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