GoNetwork ICO, yay or nay?

in #gonetwork2 years ago

So, I've been really keen on the GoNetwork ICO and love the idea they preset. (To learn more, have a look here: https://GoNetwork.co).

Early today, I had my hopes shattered via my WhatsApp group. I got sent this link:


Off I went on Telegram to question my findings. After asking around in the main chat, and pasting the link a few times to get someone's attention, I didn't really get an answer, even though the admin staff on duty; sent just a copy and paste response kind of thing..

Eventually, another admin was kind enough to PM me.

Here are the screen shots:


So, is this just a bunch of kids with a great idea who doesn't have a plan? But the GoNetwork team seem great?

Or, do we observers need to wait and be patient?

What are your thoughts steemers?