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To the "plagiarism" trolls, you won. I'm off. Bye Steemit. It's been fun but i'm not being troll food anymore.
I tried but no more.
Thanks to all who have liked what i do. And good luck to all who make art.


You were given the benefit of the doubt.

You were given a second chance. A lot of people here had your back.

All you had to do, was carry on, provide sources when you're supposed to. Even those who had your back suggested you provide sources when necessary.

You went away, you came back. Same style, no sources, and this time around you got caught red-handed.

You were not being trolled. You're a ripoff artist and you were trolling us.

You stole the art of a talented Canadian artist, Maurice Louis https://www.mauricelouis.com, changed the colors on it and passed it off as your own. You tried to sell the work of this man who dedicated his life to art. You created a whole slew of social media accounts in order to support your nonsense here on Steem and fool the good people here into believing you are who you say you are. There is zero tolerance for identity deception, theft and fraud.

If theft is an art then you're a great artist.

Bye. Turn off the light when you leave.

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