🏵 Here comes Vox Populi on GoldVoice

in golos •  8 months ago

The Vox Populi project now has a separate section on GoldVoice (it’s available in the main menu). This is the first group page we have. This group feed includes the main project account + 28 accounts from the list of project participants. 

All the posts and reposts of the group members are displayed there. There are 2 types of filters available for the visitor:

• by posts and reposts;

• complex filter by tags (applied to the list of downloaded posts);

Also there are pre-installed tags for quick filtering, as well as switching to service tags with important information about the project. 

🌌 Other communities will gradually join this group after request from the founders of Vox Populi 🌌

🖖 Thanks everybody for attention, we will be glad to receive your ongoing support. 💌 Put upvotes, subscribe to @on1x and go to GoldVoice.club.

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