Early Steemit Adopters - Don’t forget about Golos Token Drop!!!

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For anyone who doesn't know, Golos is the Russian spin off of Steemit. When Golos began life, they created a mirror account for all Steemit users and performed an air (Golos) token dropped (relative to the amount of Steem each user held at that time) into the account. Login details mirror that of your Steemit account.

With the price of Golos up 800%+ in the past month, it is worth having a check whether you have anything of value in your Golos account…

As an early user of Steemit, I found $250 worth of powered down Golos in my account…. What might you find?

The website is in Russian, however the UI mirror’s the Steemit UI. You needed to be a Steemit user over 8 months ago



Keep in mind, there's a hardfork coming later this month which is supposed to fix issues you may have using the site right now if you were part of the initial coin drop: https://golos.io/golos/@lukestokes/ustranenie-nepoladok-parametry-nevernaya-stroka-metadannykh-json-createdat-genesis

damn!!! I thought I was an early adopter!! :(

it looks im late on this one as well... :'(

contrats @hisnameisolllie!!

Great post! Im interested in Golos also! Thank you.

Is there info on how to claim the tokens? I've never opened an account on the Golos blockchain.

You needed to be a Steemit user over 8 months ago. Apart from that, you use the same login credentials as Steemit, and the UI mirrors Steemit. So just login and go to your wallet and Power Down

Ok, thanks. I am assuming it would be whatever my password was back then? Seems like I would want to make sure it no longer was my active one for the Steem blockchain (for security reasons).

You what????? This is total news to me; that is mad, I'm heading over right now!


You've definitely got an account with some Golos in CG!!!

That's a turn up for the books!!
Do you know if powering down is just the same as it is on Steemit? It's quite an odd translation... it says cancel lowering forces voices

Great to have you back by the way! :-)


Also can I sell it on Bittrex? Is it just like Steem? So many questions! :-D


in case you did not, set the language of your Golos to English and things will look pretty damn similar to Steemit. :) I'd been having some fun for a while there.

Yep, the Google translation isn't great. Check my wallet, as long as yours mirrors mine, I'm confident your powering down..

Good to be back. I honestly thought Steemit was dead... I was clearly wrong.

Haha, awesome! Yeah I thought it was dying a slow death, I'm glad that it seems we were both wrong :-D


Can you link me to your Golos account, I can't find you.


I've checked you account. You are Powered Down. Also, it's traceable on Bittrex as you said. Same sending process...

Yes powering down now; or as Google translates, the weakening of the forces has begun :-D


I still believe Steemit would be worth more if we all stick together on Steemit, and not separate because of different languages.

I agree and get your point. However the language barrier between Russian, Chinese and English are rather... large.

I guess this is just for old steemit users right?... So i can login into golos with my steemit account?

That's right, 8 months ago. I'm not sure whether they have continued to create accounts for new Steemit users? Give it a go...

Thanks for the reminder. Should I be hesitant providing userid and password?

At your own risk I suppose... I wouldn't want to advise you either way, however the Golos project is real, and not a scam, and supported by Steemit

Good to know.

The information you provide is very useful

Thank you for the advice, I will check out Golos right now!

Thank you!

Thanks for the reminder. That could get really interesting :-)

Which means that it is only interesting for early adopters? I suppose... For me as a newbie is not clear at all.

Only for users who have been here 8months +

I have tried this and even though I was on Steemit August 2016, I cannot find my account, unknown account

I haven't received 200 Golos tokens though I had more than 200 Steem Power on my Steemit account.

It wasn't a 1 for 1 drop,... 10% of Tokens were dropped to Steemit Users

oh, hello, old friend!!! second time i got to say this today

Hello Friend. Hope you are keeping well. Good to see your still Steeming with the best of them :)

sounds good ts on my list to do and start to post there!! i think i have to start soon!!!

i see a bright future in a chinese spin off

Oh, so must be 8months ago.. I registered 6months ago, so I dont have a golos :( hehe