Let The Ball Flight Be Your Teacher - Ball Flight Laws

in golf •  10 months ago

Learning golf can be very intimidating. Besides the endless rule book and etiquette challenges there is of course learning how to swing and everything has there opinion on how you should improve it. I can assure you the one teacher that will never lie is the golf ball. It will always do as it is told. Learning the ball flight laws can be a quick way to instantly diagnose your swing and learn how to correct it.

Many golfers have been miss-led about why and how the ball flies in the air. If you try to accomplish something with the wrong principles, chances are you wont succeed. Unfortunately, this was the case for many golfers.

“The golf ball starts in the direction of the swing path then curves back to where the club face was aimed at impact.”

This information is incorrect. In fact, it’s the exact opposite.

The direction of the golf ball is determined by two things, the club path and the face angle. Science has shown, 15% of flight is determined by the club path and 85% determined by the face angle. The initial flight direction of the ball has everything to do with face angle.

How many times has someone told you to aim your face at where you want the ball to end up, then swing along your feet line? This logic according to the “old” ball flight laws will start the ball in the direction of the club path then curve to where the face was pointed. Wrong!

Instead of having to rely on a swing instructor who probably uses outdated data, become your own teacher. With every golf swing, you are rewarded with information in the form of a result (ball flight). This of course is assuming you make appropriate contact with the golf ball. The ball flight laws are not subject to change or dispute. That’s why they are laws. You can depend heavily on them to understand your swing and impact position. Armed with the correct information, you can stop wasting your time working on the wrong things.

Control the face, you control the ball. Control the ball, you control the game.


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