🐸 Oh, this active key ...

in goldvoice •  8 months ago

Stop enduring it – it’s time to change something. Now you can save the active key by putting a tick in your wallet! 🎑 

Similarly in a multi-account you can now fill in accounts with an active key. Such accounts in the settings will be marked with a special icon.

We added additional checks at the entrance, henceforth there will be fewer mistakes and misunderstandings during the operation of the entrance to GoldVoice.

We fixed bug with displaying large gif in preview posts.

When registering a proxy voting for delegates will be posted through the @goldvoice account (as long as the user won’t want to make decisions by himself).

🖖 Thanks everybody for attention, we’ll be glad to receive your ongoing support. 💌 Put upvotes, subscribe to @on1x

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