GoldPieces (GP) whitepaper

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GoldPieces: An expandable digital currency for online gaming.

Inkha Tizblest
[email protected]

Overview. GoldPieces (Symbol/Ticker: GP) was created to provide the world with a digital currency that is to be used in online multiplayer gaming. Including but not limited to browser based gaming, Phone gaming,, and PC ga,omg. The dream of the creator was brought upon by fond memories of playing Runescape style RPG’s, and remembering how much of an impact they had upon his childhood. Having a coin such as GoldPieces that is used in multiple online games is a great way of introducing people of all ages to blockchain technology and further enhancing its ability to have profoundly positive effects upon the coming generations.

Distribution. The initial coin distribution was done via mining for the first 10,080 blocks, initial distron came to conclusion January 13. At 100 coins per block the initial distribution created 1,008,000GP. To ensure an equal oppurtunity there was an announcement made weeks prior to the mining phase.

After the initial blocks were mined GoldPieces transitioned into a low energy Proof of Stake coin. GoldPieces earns in the area of 10-20% interest from staking per year. It takes 50 blocks for coins in your wallet to mature, afterwhich you will begin generating coins depending upon the balance you hold.

Growth. Our major form of growth is going to be from creating new games that implement GoldPieces, or existing games taking advantage of GoldPieces’ Blockchain technology in their already established games.

Aside from games that support GoldPieces, I also envision a market that is used to buy and sell all gaming related products and services. Such items may include gaming systems, physical games as well as downloadable games, gaming related gift cards, and even physical cards such as Pokemon or Magic The Gathering cards! Anything gaming related.

Services. GoldPieces is going to need several services to really help the newbie blockchain user navigate and have fun with the system. It is up to them how far they want to research and learn, but we must at least give them enough to be able to move their funds from one game to another, and between their friends, without having to download the wallet software.

Online Wallet. This online wallet should let players easily send and receive funds, and provide them with enough How-To information that they can do so without any difficulty. I will be doing more basic How To’s on the “How To” category.

Faucet. A basic faucet should be created and maintained to allow new players to get small amounts of GoldPieces so they can start playing the game of their choice without needing to spend any money until they feel comfortable doing so.

Staking Pool. A staking pool is great for small to medium sized investors as it gives them the chance to quickly start staking regardless of the amount of GoldPiece’s they hold.

GoldPieces Foundation (GPF). The GoldPieces Foundation is a foundation started by myself (Inkha). It is a for-profit organization that will be registered and function as an official company by all legal standards. The GoldPieces Foundation will be the main driving force behind GoldPieces is will employ and work together with Programmers, Graphic Designers, and Investors from all around the world.

Look forward to your suggestions and critiques! Become a part of our community!

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